As a typical African Woman Lady, i was really glad to see a lot of attendee's at the just concluded Lagos Fashion & Design Week, kicking it on the streets and on the scene in their sneakers or flats under the s scorching Lagos sun, it was the practical thing to do really. Half the time, it beats me how ladies, are able to strut 24/7, 7 days a week without any days off in heels?! Dont get it twisted i love my lady pointed heels but these days, i am all about the comfortable life. Even Victoria Beckham, who is only one of the most fashionable women in the world and is known for wearing sky-high 6'' stilettos once said, and i quote "i cant concentrate in flats". Fast-forward to 2016, she has a damaged foot and cant seem to get enough of her flat shoes. She updated her famous quote saying "i am all about getting things done and moving around easily". Somethings have to give way right? Anyways, in the spirit of Comfortable Fashion alternatives (sneakers), i'm guiding you on some of the very best and most lucrative alternatives to splurge on. See more after the cut. 

Everyone should take a day or two or more off wearing heels, if not for fashion sake, but for the sake of being an old lady with a crooked ankle and back. Even the most fashion-forward celebrities and models who strut the streets day in, day out in all the best cloths dont wear heels all the time. This year, with the athleisure clothing being one of the biggest trends in the year 2016, everyone is diving back into the sneaker fashion. Rita Ora just designed some in her most recent collection with Adidas. Kylie Jenner and Puma have a pretty great collection out and even bad girl Riri has a whole sneaker/creeper line in her name, whats more fashionable than that.

When it comes to styling your sneakers, there is basically no "how to's", you are wearing it for the comfort so dont go too dramatic with every other thing you have on. Look as fashionable as your outfit allows you to be (not Oscar ready), just dont ruin the whole sporty chic look with something uncomplimentary. Pair your sneakers with some jeans, a mini skirt, a leather jacket, a skater dress, a casual t-shirt, you know how it works...something really fashionable. 

Before you run out there and splurge on just any of these fancy looking sneakers around, i'm counting down 7 of the best sneaker brands that are totally affordable or worth the splurge. I would show you more, but you know 7 is my lucky number lol. Lets get on with the countdown.

The New Balance line of sneakers for women is one of the most affordable and most loved brand by fashionista's and celebrities across the globe. I love my New Balance sneaks. Other than the fact that they make really comfortable work out shoes, the New Balance brand offers a wide array of beautiful colored sneakers you can style perfectly with your favorite pair of jeans or any other clothing of choice. They come in very modern designs, they are super comfortable and you dont have to break the bank to get yourself one so with New Balance, its a win win.

Long before Rihanna became bad girl Riri and designed her own pair of dope sneakers with Puma, She was styling it up in her favorite pair of New Balance sneakers which she couldn't seem to get enough of.

6. VANS 

The Vans Brand of both male and female sneakers are one of the oldest brands in fashion industry and they still remain one of the favorites. Over four decades in and they are still putting out hot stuff, still been sold across the globe and still one of the most affordable and comfortable slip on's, not to mention the celebrities love them. The brands sneakers are known for its easy fit, maximum comfort and been easy to style. Who can go wrong with black or white or its signature checkered patterns or more modern floral patterns. Whatever you decide to pair your Vans sneakers with, best believe they would blend in perfectly. 

Everyone loves or owns a good pair of Converse Sneakers, i mean they have only been around since 1908 and are still putting out great stuff. Sleek, comfortable, affordable, easy to cant go wrong with a good pair of converse sneakers on a casual chic day. Pair them with your jeans, a denim skirt, throw on a blazer and you will stand out looking fashionable, sporty and super smart. (how do i sound so much reading this, like an ad!)


Like the brands slogan says, Conquer any obstacle. The Reebok Brand of sneakers are no doubt one of the most converted sneakers in the world, i mean who wouldn't want to conquer obstacles and still look fashionable lol. They are not just number 4 on my list but one of the best sneaker brands worldwide. From the gym to everyday comfy street style, you cant go wrong with some good old fashionable Reebok sneakers.

If MMA Champion Rhonda Rousey can be kicking ass and conquering her dreams in Reebok then so can you. 

3. PUMA 

2016 was the year of fierceness and "the year" for German multi-national footwear brand Puma. From major celebrity campaigns and branding to putting out some of the hottest and fiercest shoe designs, Puma set the bars with not just its re-branding but with every single design put out this year (and they put out a lot!). Still, dont let the big names and the big faces scare you, the brands easy and comfortable sneakers come in some super affordable designs so get yourself one and remain forever fierce.


Adidas also has one of 'the' best and most comfortable brand of sneakers, that you know! Also one of the most coveted sneakers of the year 2016, they were on every single feet and on so many billboards and ad campaigns it was hard to keep up with the brand. Sporty, stylish, comfortable and affordable, you cant go wrong looking smart in a pair of Adidas, trust me. 

Rita Ora's brand of Adidas sneakers are something to own, very fancy and very modern. They dont exactly come cheap but they are worth the splurge. 

1. NIKE 

Then again, you already knew what brand sat high and mighty at the number one spot. NIKE! With the brand, it's way more than looking good or feeling comfortable and being sporty, because with Nike is more than a brand it is a lifestyle! So Just Do It! Join a billion and one people and Invest in some great Nike sneakers and feel like the super-fashionista you are. They are affordable, meaning they are totally worth the investment and you can save up and get yourself some great looking High quality Nike sneakers from anywhere across the globe. #Nikeforthewin

You cant go wrong with styling a pair of Nike Shoes because they do the talking and the walking themselves. Throw them on practically anything and you get a pass lol, just dont come out butt-naked.

There you have them, 7 of the best and most lucrative brands of sneakers to add some style and keep you comfortable. The next time you consider investing in a pair of sneakers look out for this famous 7 and thank me later. Like famous designer Max Azaria says "Fashion is about comfort and feeling good". 

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