I remember being younger and falling in love with the name Elie Saab simply watching Beyonce pronounce it on almost every red carpet. The superstar loved the designer and she made me fall totally in love with it also. From then on, i started looking out for the brands very feminine, very modern and beautiful designs on every red carpet. The most sophisticated and best dressed ladies always went for Elie Saab, and that's no surprise. My real surprise came, when i learnt the genius behind the brand was a man...What! The Lebanese designer has all my admiration and praise. He just debuted his Spring 2017 collection and lets just say i loved every single piece so much i had to re-think of the reason why i fell in love with the Fashion House at first. Dear, Elie Saab, thank you for being such a genius! See looks from the collection below. 

Elie Saab could never do wrong by me. I loved so many things from this collection, from the star designed outfits to the glitter baseball hats, the net designed heels... i could go on and on. He is such a genius and i CANT wait to see Beyonce styling in one of this looks. See all the looks from his collection right here. 

I'd ask you what you think but i'm to overwhelmed with all this gorgeousness i really dont want to have any opinions. Just go ahead and share!

Ivy Marshall