Bantu Knots, Twist-out's whatever you decide to call them, some of us might still never be bold enough to rock them effortlessly. The Bantu Knots date way back in time say 90's, and are worn by ladies of all age group, either as a form protective hair style or as a bold fashion statement. Regardless, of how you decide to style this timeless and fierce hairstyle or should i say, if you ever decided to rock the Bantu-Knots twists out, i think it should be executed with caution... Cant have you looking like the class clown on a bad hair day now can we? Anyway, thanks to modern day fashionista's who are never scared to switch things up-side-down, here are some beautiful Bantu inspiration hairstyles to rekindle your love and get you interested on how to rock them effortlessly.


Khloe Kardashian


Lucy Hale in Schon Magazine

Via @antwanettes_creations







Blac Chyna


Not even the celebrities were left out of this trend, Singer Dej Loaf rocked the hell out her Bantu Knots, Superstar Rihanna is the queen of switching up her hairstyles, for the 2014 iHeart Radio Music Awards she hit the red carpet rocking a Vampy make-up look and some Bantu Knots. Nigerian-British actress Beverly Naya smized for the gram sporting her perfect Bantu Knots. The list goes on and on...The Bantu knots are really a beautiful hairstyle and thanks to modern day fashionista's there are so many ways to switch up this conventional twist-outs. Color it, weave it, edge-control it, throw in some hair pins and you take your conventional twist-outs from 0 to 100 real quick. Now, how to do it yourself is where i come in. Here are 5 Simple Steps on all the basics to achieving a perfect Bantu knot. 


1. CLEAN HAIR - Of course your hair has to be washed out clean. When you part your hair to achieve the Bantu knots, your scalp is on display so you dont want to show dirt, build-up or dandruff. Also dirty hair causes a lot of itching and a lot of itching might cause your bantu knots to loose its glamour so a good clean hair and scalp is key!

2. CONDITION OR MOISTURIZE YOUR HAIR - If you have a dry scalp or your hair is frizzy, you might want to condition your hair as it will help reduce the frizziness and also protect your hair from breakage as you coil and twist-up your hair. 

3. DETANGLE YOUR HAIR - Before you divide your hair into sections, you may want to comb out your hair thoroughly. If your hair tangles easily, detangle it with a detangling brush so its fine and smooth when you wrap it into small buns. Very important!

4. SEPARATE YOUR HAIR INTO MULTIPLE SECTIONS AND CURL- Its pretty much self explanatory from here, separate your hair into as many sections as you please (refer to any of the pictures above). Twist out the sections individually, wrap the twisted sections round into a small knot and secure fastly with a pin. 

5. STYLE & ROCK YOUR BANTU KNOTS PROUDLY- After twisting out your full head of hair into small or medium size knots (which ever you please), its now time to put some pssazz in it lol. Get your edges on fleek with some edge control or styling gel (please dont go over-board so you dont look to extra), put in some hair clips or pins whatever you want and youre good to go. After that, rock your Bantu Knots with pride. Ps You can put a con-row in there, some color whatever makes you feel confident.

Thats all the necessary steps you need to achieve the Bantu Knots. It is a very bold hair style, so you need not be demure if you want to rock this look effortlessly. Get your confidence on check and get ready to make a fashion/beauty statement. 

Do you like the Bantu Knots? I hope this post was helpful. I would be writing on more hair inspiration so always check back. In the main time...

Ivy Marshall