The Year 2016 has been the year of "distressed clothing" From Kanye West and his Yeezy inspired ripped clothing, to the tons of distressed denim we see on the streets daily, the distressed trend made a huge sweep across the fashion scenes. If you ever consider joining the distressed wagon and rocking the trend sanely, here are a few inspirations on how to rock the distressed trend in style from some of the best and most fashionable celebrities and fashionista's out there. See more after the cut...

Khloe Kardashian rocking her newly released Good America distressed denim.

Leave it to Selena Gomez to look lady-like in heels while rocking her ripped knee denim trousers and a crop-top.

Damsel in distress! Selena paired her acid-wash distressed jeans with some suede ankle boots.

Guess me from behind?! #bootyneedsair if you dont have a perky booty (game of thrones kind of perky booty) i'd advice you not try this.

  Karrueche Tran took distress to another level rocking some ripped booty denim jeans. 

Karrueche clearly loves her distressed denim jeans, here she rocked a more edgy pair with a turtle-neck longsleeve.

Instagram Hottie Daphne Joy rocked her Fashionnova ripped denims. 

Hot Miami Styles distressed jeans 

Style blogger @micahgianelli rocking her Hot Miami Styles distressed denim jeans.

Supermodel Gigi Hadid sure loves her ripped denim jeans on a casual day out. 

Come ripped or dont come at all! Gigi Hadid took her distress to the next level rocking her thigh-baring ripped denim with a jacket and some suede heels. 


Rita Ora is no stranger to conversational fashion. When she isnt being a fashionista, she is stepping out on the streets of NYC ripped from head-to-toe. Talk about a major distress!

Rita disturbed the streets of NYC this year with her very bold and daring outfits, one of which included this multicolored ripped denim jeans. 

Speaking of another fashionista, throw back to a younger version of Zendaya rocking some distressed denim and some fancy aquazzura heels. 

Here she paired her distressed jeans with some matching denim sneakers. 

Cara Santana hit the streets rocking some distressed denim shorts and some knee-high boots.

When it comes to the distressed/ripped clothing trend, you can thank Kylie Jenner and her family for taking it to a whole new level of craziness.

Speaking of another family member, Kourtney Kardashian was recently spotted out and about with her son Mason rocking a white distressed round-neck tee.

     And to the other popular side of the family, Mr & Mrs West are no strangers to the distressed trend, Kanye's Yeezy collection of clothes feature the most buzzed about pricey collection of ripped clothing.

For his infamous Yeezy 3 Fashion Show debut in NYC, Kanye took distress to a luxury level, styling family members Kendall and Caitlyn in his ripped Yeezy designs. Kendall looks good in about anything but i cant say the same for Cait!

 Speaking of another level, i thought Kim's pink distressed two-piece she hit the streets of NYC in was a little to extra...thoughts?

 Although there are no rules to rocking the ripped clothing trend, one must becareful not to mistake fashion for anguish or suffering. Even though things are alright for Willow Smith, she might have taken the distressed trend to a whole other level of unacceptable! By no means should you come out looking this crayyyyy.

 I also thought these pair of distressed denim pants on Brandy where very unflattering.

When rocking the distressed trend, keep it cool and fun. If you are gunning at making a bold fashion statement like some of the fashionista's up there, keep it interesting and worthy of emulation. Even though modern day fashion might gradually be loosing all its rules, we cant afford to lead the crazy marching band leaving town. Be the dude or damsel in distress everyone would want to save.

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Ivy Marshall