There is certainly no stopping Gucci's Creative Designer Alessandro Michele! Just when we are cringing at the edge of our sits and wondering what more can he possibly do top top his last record breaking, popular demand Gucci re-brand collection or what will make the Italian brand stand out from the rest brands and collections we've seen so far from Fashion Week, Alessandro will out-do his genius and creativity and leave you puzzled. The Gucci Spring Collection debut has been one of the most anticipated collections to hit the Spring runway, at least i have been eagerly looking forward to it. Well, the brands 2017 Spring collection hit the runway today and left many puzzled. I still dont know what to make of Alessandro's creativity and his inspiration behind some of this outfits, but i have learnt never to doubt the brand for its foresight and i am convinced the designs will look better off the runway. See the collection after the cut. 

See the rest of the collection here. What do you think of this collection? would it do well of the runway, especially with celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce et al being loyalist of the brand. Well, lets sit this one out and wait for future sightings. In the main time....

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