When Instagram has a new trend, the world has a new trend! Just when we thought we had gotten to the peak of nail art and design with all the be-dazzling and the crack polish and the fancy decoration, and the glitter!!! There is a new Nail beauty trend and it has quickly taken over Instagram and the everly hungry world of beauty. The "Mirror nails" are the latest in the 2016 reflective trend, first it was the shades (sunglasses) and now its the nails, what next? I certainly cant wait to see what the invisible Fashion Creators have lined up for us. Anyway, keep reading to get the scoop on this new trend so you dont get left behind. 

Earlier this year, i remember seeing Supermodel Gigi Hadid post an Instagram shot of her perfectly manicured silver nails just before she made her sexy robotic appearance on the red carpet at the 2016 Met Gala's. Gigi went with the theme of the night which was "Manus X Machina" which in real life means they were all supposed to show up looking like their best robots with hand designed outfits (*raised brow* random description). Never did i think months later the "mirror nails" as they are now called would be a huge trend or go viral with the ladies. You gotta love the celebrity retail power right? One second, its a randomly colored nail and after Gigi sports it, it becomes popular demand and a must have for ladies all across the globe. Before i forget to mention, Gigi's very special manicure cost a whooping $2,000!!!! Her Chrome manicured nails were courtesy of NYC Based Celebrity Nail artist Mary Soul, who felt the supermodel's nails needed to stand out at the MET's with some crystal accents which she placed under ever nail. Now that's just crazy right?! I wont even sound off on that splurge, lets just get on discussing about this trend. 

Well thank God for voracious Instagram brainiacs, a little chrome powder and some inexpensive bling designs and you are good to go. For the first time, a lot of people would pass on an original and go for a Look for less!!! Aint nobody spending $2k on nails Gigi!!! We love you but that's an unaffordable trend to set lol. Reflective nails, mirror nails, chrome nails i have heard them been called all of the above lately and i must say, however it appears or its being called, i always seem to completely love them. So, how does this mirror nails differ from just randomly painting your nails with a regular silver polish? Keep reading...i was equally as interested as you lots might be. 

The mirror nails are basically achieved by incorporating some of the newly invented "chrome powder". Let me educate you all a little *nerdie glasses on*, the nails are not called mirror nails because they are colored silver, i know we often times assume anything silver-colored remind us of a mirror right? *raised brwo*. They are called mirror nails because they are reflective and the reflection comes from incorporating a little but of chrome. Did you understand that? Chrome is the substance in mirrors that make them reflect. Silver is just silver, a plain color, when you incorporate the chrome, they start to reflect and that's all the A,B,C's about this trend nail trend.  

Although, most of you might be wondering why i am babbling like a luniee when you  know all this lol, still i have to make sure my esteemed readers who dont know i brought up to speed *grin*. 
Tust Instagram fast-followers to immediately jump on this and introduce to us the newest hype on the market "Chrome Powder". They are almost anywhere i look, its amazing how fast-thinkers think and producers produce, this goods are released at an equal speed with the demand. 

 Chrome Powder

So basically, all you need to do is apply your nail polish and coat it with the desired color of chrome powder of and voila, you can see yourself right there in your shinny nails lol. Its definitely not rocket science and anyone can do it, so dont go paying $2k unless you absolutely can afford it or you are going to be photographed at the MET Gala's, and you definitely wont so stick to the affordables. #fashionistaonabudget

Also we already know now that the chrome nails dont only come in silver, so you can explore with a wide spectrum of colors and still get the desired reflective, eye-catching effect. Make sure you apply a base-coat before applying the polish, to enhance the mirror effect finish. 

via @beautyinlagos

via @beautique.hr

Brands like Born Pretty are jumping in on the trend, they released a new collection of Chrome Polish, so technically, you dont need the powder to achieve the shinny mirror effect, just a coat or two of their new line of nail polish and you still have that same shinny mirror effect.

 Other brands like Wild Flower have produced their line of stick on nails, for those of you who dont like going through the whole nail shaping and filing process. These brands just think of ways to get richer fast sorry i mean, ways to make our lives easier while staying on trend lol. I love a good business savvy mind. 

If you dont like the stick on, you can get some of the brands Chrome Powder here for just $24

i am totally here for and in love with this nail trend. Without a doubt, it is my option for the next 5 or 6 manicures... i am exploring all the colors and i cant wait to rock the 24k gold polish with my matching gold arm candies. Dont worry, it wont be too loud i've seen someone nail the look (get it..nail the look!!! lool), so i'm fast-following not copying.

Do you like this new trend and would you consider trying it out? I think you should and I'd love to hear from you when you do. In the main time...

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