I Know a fashion Icon once said "give a girl the right shoes and she would conquer the world", i mean for every time i see a lady in really nice shoes, that Marilyn Monroe saying pop's in my head. As much as we ladies are actually eager to conquer this world and leave out foot prints or in this case i should say shoe prints on the sands of time, i think there is a general misconception about having the right pair of shoes or what that saying really means. No one said you have to break the bank first to get great shoes to conquer the world! So before you go falling for quotes or misquoting Icons, Keep reading and find out about some really cool and affordable shoe brands that will give you that same top-notch classy look. Its okay to be a fashionista, but its more important to be a fashionista on a budget. 

Just like myself, most ladies have a flare for the finer things of life and those thing as we know dont come cheap, especially those eye-catching fancy pair of designer red-bottom heels. When it comes to shoes, you should know that they make up for 60% of your entire look head-to-toe. You can have the best weave or the best face-beat and clothes on, but walk around in terrible looking shoes and you will find more people whispering and staring at you at least more than usual. Having on a good looking pair of shoes, is major key! Most people say your shoes tell a lot about your personality, well i agree with that to some extent...i just dont think you need to break the bank to get a great looking pair of heels. 

Thanks to the modern day world of fashion, there are countless numbers of designers putting out shoes everyday. From casual knock-about shoes to fancy work shoes and of course shoes for special nights-out and special occasions, all within a very affordable prince range. Although most people like their shoes red on the bottom or shinny or really expensive, it doesn't mean they get to look their very best all the time or stand out from the average well-dressed Instagram fashionista wearing a fancy pair of affordables. You know, i once read somewhere that "the" Sarah Jessica Parker aka Carrie Bradshaw the almighty fashionista say "cheap shoes made her feet bad" wow!!! (before her obsessive fans come disturbing again, read that story here)... dont be fooled by any names, being a smart fashionista on a great budget makes you twice as confident as any other fashion-forward lady out there you're not trying to compete with. Before this post get's too long, i'm going to share some really cool brands with really nice and hot affordable shoes at the moment. See them below.

Personally one of my favorite brands, Lola Shoetique (i love the name) has a wide range of amazing shoes you would also love. From heels, to flats to slippers to boots et al, Lola Shoetique is the real deal. The American Shoe brand is located in Los Angeles and they have flooded the global streets with their amazing shoes everyone seems to love. You can check out their website by clicking the name up there and follow them via Instagram for constant updates. 

 Popular YouTuber Desi Perkins paired her nude court Lola Shoetique heels with a simple brown sleeveless frock and looked classy and chic.

Her nude "Society" heels retails at $31.99 and you can get it here

If you're looking to make a statement like Instagram's very own Amrezy, then you can shop her Lola Shoetique over-the-knee boots right here

If you are looking to add some more sophistication and style to your closet without breaking the bank, then Dune is the brand for you. I am a hugeeeeee! fan of the brand and i love almost everyone of their shoes. Classy, sophisticated and not anywhere close to being a splurge, Dune shoes are absolutely a must have. From your everyday heels, to work friendly court shoes, comfy and fashionable flat shoes and boots, Dune offers you a wide range of fashion-forward choices. 

I love the gold embellished "Bella" heels from the brand, they retail at £34.00 and you can get them here.

Just like their name implies, Public Desire! Everyone wants a feel of their gorgeous designs of heels and i see no reason why. The Manchester based fashion house, has the most interesting fashionable designs of heels. 

Popular British YouTuber Patricia Bright, cant get enough of the brands heels, she seems to have them in numbers and she also does a great job incorporating them in her looks. 

Her black "Elsa" pumps are on sales now for £14.99, you can hurry and shop them right here

One of my recent favorites is the faux black suede lace-up heels which go for £29.99 steal right? Shop them directly from the website here

One of the biggest trends of the year 2016 so far, has been the perspex heels, every single one jumped on this trend faster than i imagined. Thanks to fashion houses like Simmi, most ladies got to walk in trends without even going to the bank. Their beautiful range of shoes are super cool and super affordable, no wonder the London brand is a first choice for so many fashion forward ladies.

Insta-hottie Amrezy cant get enough of her perspex heels and she gets them all from the brand. 

The brands Melissa white peep-toe perspex ankle boots retail for £40.00 and you can shop it right here via their website. 


The West-London based shoe brand, Lost Ink also features a lot of affordable high-street fashionable designs of shoes. The brand was created with a vision to offer unique pieces to their customers so they could express themselves without spending a fortune. Great right? Their shoes are lovely and come at the most affordable prices. 

The very popular Lost Ink "Ruri" Wrap Around Heeled Sandals retails at £32.00 and you can shop it right here.  

Also another favorite pick of mine is the Lost Ink "Catch Black" Soft Tie Wrap Shoe, it also goes for
£32.00 and are available here. Thankfully, the brands shoes are carried by so many other websites like Asos, Very, Little Wood and La Moda. So get to shopping. 

I could go on and on with so many other great and affordable brands but i think i should stop here for now. What do you think? Nothing seals the deal like a pair of nice heels or great looking shoes. You know what they say, good shoes take you good places. So, always invest in some great shoes and remember to have a budget. Occasional splurging on shoes should be complemented with some really great looking affordable brands like these ones listed above. Remember its not about the price of the shoe or the shoe itself, its always about the lady who wears them. 

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