One of the years biggest and coolest trends so far, has been the reflective shades. All year long i have practically seen them on almost every fashion-forward lady out there. Like i always say, i'm not big on jumping in line and running along along with the marching band when it comes to trends, but its fashion and sometimes, its always great to know whats hot and stay in tune. 

Despite being around for some years now, the reflective glasses have been the most rampant and a major hit in the year 2016. Everyone has been rocking them all year long and honestly its one of the only trends i rushed out to get myself. They are so cool! Mirror shades, Reflective shades, Sun-beam shades, matrix shades (some people say it reminds them of Neo from The Matrix) whatever you decide to call them, no one minds, just have on a great pair of reflectives and you are good to go. 

Just when i thought i had seen all the coolest type of glasses out there and i was saying to myself how fancy can a pair of shades get or what could possibly top my really cool pair of designer shades? Fashion houses like Quay Austrialia and others will exceed your expectations with their new re-invented designs and to leave you stunned with some amazing, fashion-forward reflective glasses. Thanks to one of my favorite YouTube beauty guru's Desi Perkins, i fell totally in love with the reflective shades. She teamed up with with the Australian brand and released the most enviable pair of shades that got everyone hot with the #desifever. From celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to Kylie and Kendall and the rest of their famous sisters to super model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid, the queens of pop-culture were very much into the trend and the Australian Sunglasses brand. 

One of the best parts about cool trends like this, is the fact that you dont have to break the bank to get it for yourself. They are nice and everyone would love to have one of them so being very affordable makes it twice a hit. I always advice that as much as we love to be fashion-forward, splurge and always be on trend, being a fashionista on a budget is major key!!! (In DJ Khaled's voice). Keep reading and get to shop some of my picks of really cool affordable reflective shades for yourself. 

The famous high-key gold shades everyone loves from the Quay Australia Brand retails at $60 and you can get it here.

Also one of my favorites, the Desi Cat-eye. It retails at £40 and you can get it here

The black aviator glasses as seen on Jennifer Lopez retails at just £40 and you can get them here.

I'm sure you get my point, the reflective shades are cool and affordable and one of this years best trends so far.

NOTE!!! This is not a Quay Australia sponsored post, i just think they just have the coolest reflective glasses and as you can see everyone from the Hollywood A-lister's and celebs to the YouTube guru's and myself, we all love them and are rocking the affordable and classy brand effortlessly. There are so many labels and brands out there with equally great designs of the reflective glasses so dont limit yourself. 

Sunglasses are a very important part of fashion. They are the only fashion accessory we all cant live without and they serve a multiple purpose of not only sharpening your look but also protecting our eyes from intense sun-rays (i'm sure you already knew that). There is absolutely no rule that says you cant keep the sun away with the coolest looking pair of reflective. You want on-lookers to be able to see their admiration through your glasses hence you go with reflective lol. 

What do you think about this trend, are you here for it? I have so many more trends to dish on, keep coming back and stay in formation *wink*. I'm always going to keep you up-to-date and fashionable with what's HOT!!! In the main time....

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Ivy Marshall