So if you watched the MTV VMA's then you couldn't have missed Supermodel Naomi Campbell. If you didnt watch the Award Show, then you missed out on a lot of great performances and seeing Teyana Taylor!!! So go back and watch it or see the red carpet here. Anyways back on course, Naomi Campbell stood out easily yesterday on the red carpet and inside the award show, rocking a bold red glitter lips. Everyone comes out these days showing a little extra or should i say a lot of skin and long legs so why not stand out with something different like some glitter on the lips right? Well, thankfully i am always ahead, up-front, center and in the middle of all things Beauty and Fashion. So, if you want to know how to re-create and rock the red glitter lips effortlessly like this chocolate goddess down here, then keep reading for more. 

See how pretty she looks, i am convinced she is an alien because she never ages'. For her second outfit of the night, Naomi shined through on the black carpet, wearing a white one-hand, thigh-baring number and some silver gladiator pumps. Naomi went along with the trend of the night, thigh-high slit! Almost everybody had just enough slit on their dress to put on a leggy display. Personally, i think slits are almost becoming a bore, especially since everyone just cant wait to strike the Jennifer Lopez/Angelina Pose on the carpet. Yesterday, almost every lady had their leg facing one direction.

Anyway, Naomi definitely stood out with her red glittery lips, not something you see quiet often on the red carpet right? I dont know about an everyday appearance but, if you are looking to stand out with some glittery lips, go ahead and watch one of the best YouTube beauty guru's i know, Savannah Sylver create the perfect glittery red lips in a video she calls "Spanish Harlem"

Did you see how perfectly and effortlessly she did that. Savannah is one of my very best YouTube Guru's and immediately i saw Naomi on the carpet, my head came straight to this video from almost a year ago. So today, i am very glad to be sharing it with you all. Like i always say, for all the best make up trick, tips and hacks, head to YouTube and feed your eyes and ears in the ocean of knowledge this beauty guru's have to offer. I learnt everything i know about make-up from watching Savannah (formerly Islandbeauty) and the likes. Still, dont go out rocking the glitter lips to work or on a typical casual day, you have to be trying to make a bold impression and be able to pull it off before you try on this look. 

I hope you learnt a trick or two. You can keep up with Savannah's YouTube by clicking here for more videos, or you can follow her on the gram here....That does it for me and this post, hope you enjoyed it. Dont forget to share!!!

Ivy Marshall