After serving African-Nigerian women all across the globe and being a very fundamental part of the Nigerian tradition, culture and fashion, it seems the famous "gele" is finally about to be replaced. I think out of respect i should be more subtle and say ... is finally about to take a bow right lol?  We all know and love our "gele", i love my gele but like every long standing trend, a replacement everybody seems to love already might have just shown up. Keep reading for more. 

Trends they say come and go, but the famous Nigerian head-wrap aka gele has been around for almost or over a century. Serving and preserving the rich Nigerian culture and keeping our mothers and us ladies beautiful and classy. The gele is a undoubtedly one of the richest and most beautiful part of the Nigerian woman's fashion...you're never fully dressed until you have that gele in place and on fleek *wink*. The gele comes in various types of fabrics, from the damask to brocade to "aso-oke" (which are the hand-woven fabrics very popular among Yoruba communities) and of course the famous Jacquard materials (the shinny lustrous metallic fabric). Whichever fabric it comes in, the gele altogether still has been the most long-standing and timeless piece of art.  

I was just beginning to get more excited and into the newly invented method of tying gele, the style had gone from the conventional wrapping around the head to being shaped like a fan. Thanks to Nigerian fashion and beauty guru's Oluwafunmilola (@abekemakeover) and Segun (@segungele), the method and appearance of the gele had being revamped into something more FAN-cy!

Now, it seems like everyone is already ditching the gele and running towards the more simpler and equally classy TURBAN. Just like the gele, the turban has always being in existence, they just were never a huge part of fashion. From being worn by Sikh's to being a Muslim head-gear and now to being the newest fashion addition to the Nigerian's women traditional attire otherwise known as the Asoebi, let me be the first to say it, there is a huge turban fever about to blow-out, so get ready and get in trend.

Every Monday, one the first blog-posts i put up here on the blog is always dedicated to showcasing African Fashion. I do that mostly because i know how the weekends  are in Nigeria, weekends could get so busy with all sorts of festivities varying from birthday celebrations to weddings and more weddings. Just like Vegas, Lagos never sleeps! Also, i trust my Nigerian sisters and know they dont pass-up on any opportunity to come out looking their very best. So, i pile up all my favorite fashion inspiration from the weekend (i call it Owambe season) and share with you all (if you missed this week's, check it here). For sometime, i began to notice that ladies now paired their luxurious laces or African prints with turbans and no longer the famous gele. I know the turban didnt just make its way into the fashion scenes today, especially in Nigeria, so many ladies were sporting it already last year and a year before that, but it just dawned on me a couple of weeks ago that the turban wasn't only becoming more rampant, it was gradually replacing the big fancy gele's i was so used to seeing. 

The make-up chair or the selfie wall is usually the last place you find an African woman before she hits the town to impress, so that was my first stop on the quest to determine how true this take-over was. Is the Turban really the new gele? Has the turban come to stay for good? does it look nicer than the gele? this and many more questions i asked myself. 

Well, sadly but for now, i think the Turban Fever is real and it might be here for longer than i can estimate. Which do i prefer? Uhmm not to throw away over 40 years of beautiful culture but i am #Teamturban hehe. I really do prefer the turban, it is simple, classy, sassy and less head-banging, not to mention it could come in a variety of colors...turban all the way! Why i am team turban? I've outlined 5 simple reasons why i love the fashionable head-gear, keep reading...

1. The most important reason has to be because they ache my head less lol. Have you ever worn the "gele" all day!!! If you have, you are a superhuman. Three hours into carrying a well styled gele and oxygen stops circulating to my brain. I almost passed out on one occasion no kidding!

2. They are not as dramatic or dressy; In my opinion, styling your heavy laces or African Ankara outfits with the turban is not as loud and va va voom as combing them with the dramatic well tied gele, they give this modern attractive, simple and class look. i love it!

3. They could go with practically anything; Casual everyday looks, African native attires...the turban is a head-gear after-all, so it looks great when properly styled on almost any outfit. Its versatility is one of the most important reasons why i fancy it. 
4. They come in a variety of colors; The turban is a versatile fashion item and it comes almost any color you can imagine. Just dont go asking for reddish-brown. Also, when it comes to pairing them with your outfits, especially if you are the matchy-matchy kinda girl, have no worries.

5. One of the best reasons why the Turban is a win, still has to be the fact that it is comfortable and it could lasts on your head for hours without making you suicidal lol. Comfort is major Key. 

Other than the fact that new trends generally excites everyone, especially us ladies... i really think the new turban trend is worth every single buzz its getting right now. Also, it is very refreshing when we get more creative with our looks and explore different options, especially when they suit you and are more comfortable. You know comfort is of utmost priority, i cant stress that enough. I always say here that beauty isn't and doesn't ever have to be pain or imprisonment. If the Gele works for you great, if it makes you cringe like it does with me, then the turban should be your next best option. What do you think about this new Turban trend, do you like it, are you #Teamturban? I'd really love to hear so feel free to drop your thoughts. In the main time....

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