There is a new trend in town and trust a Kardashian to be front and center of it. Corn-row's as we know them, are indeed one of the most timeless hairstyles to have come into existence. They never go out of style or get old, they suit almost everybody and they are practically the easiest hairstyle to have on and maintain. Well, these leading Hollywood ladies have decided to spike the conventional hairstyle up a little, by incorporating some color in their rows. From the look of things, this could be a new trend. Read more after the cut. 

Khloe, Sophie, Rita and now Kim! these ladies are only among the first few to spot this new trend. Should we gear up for a possibility of this colorful con-row trend? Is Hollywood about to go all rainbow with their corn-rows and depress me lol?  Questions i asked myself when i saw the colorful corn-row a second time. First spotted on Khloe a she made her way to celebrate with her sister Kylie who just recently turned 19. The next day, Fashion-forward Rita Ora stepped out rocking a colorful braided corn-row and then Sophie Richie who has been all about her blonde highlight con-row on her social media. For now, i am still not sure how many people have jumped on this trend, so we'll have to wait and let it play-out. 

Khloe was the first to recently spot the new trend. She stepped out to celebrate with her sister Kylie at the Nice Guy Restaurant in Hollywood sporting her nicely braided purple/lavender-blonde con-rows. 

Khlo√© wanted to do something fun and different for Kylie’s Kyshadow launch, and cornrows were the perfect look,” says her hairstylist, Justine Marjan. “I brought over a ton of different colors of synthetic hair and we chose what color would look best on her.

I remember seeing this look on her and calling her entire look a Cookie-Lyon Inspired (failed) look (yikes), little did i know that the Kardashian was of the largest trend-setting circle in Hollywood. Tons of fans and beauty enthusiast have already jumped on the trend and are spotting colored corn-row's. #Kardashiankhaos

Hollywood "it girl" and friend to the Kardashian's Sophie Richie was next to sport the new trend, the 17-year-old star posted a picture of her new ombre-blonde braids on her Instagram showing off her new style, which she proudly paired with an oversize “Life of Pablo” long-sleeved t-shirt from Kanye West’s line.

   Rita Ora was also seen incorporating some color into her corn-row's as she strut the streets of NYC.    Rita is known for her fashion-forward appearances lately, so this was just a normal hair day for Rita. 

 Sophia Richie continued with the trend the next day rocking her multi-colored ombre braids. 

 Kim Kardashian also made an appearance yesterday sporting some con-row's. Although, Kim might not have her's colored, the reality star accessorized her locks with some hair-rings, a trend we have been sporting quiet a lot this days. Kim is very particular about her look and doesn't jump on a trend unless its about to become the "in" thing. So should we expect to see this look on every white girl soon? Maybe!

Kim paired her fresh corn-rows with an oversize Pablo t-shirt and rocked the Tom Ford over-the-knee lace-up boots. 

Kim was definitely not the first to sport the Hair ring trend, if you have been following Christina Aguilera on the voice, then you'd be familiar with this trend. The pop star and judge on The Voice USA has been rocking hair rings all season long. 

Christina keeps her look interesting on The Voice by pairing her silver locks with matching hair rings. 

          Shay Micthell also made headlines with her famous bun at the recent Teen Choice Awards,          accessorizing with a series of hair rings. She tagged her Instagram post "put a ring on it" 

Hollywood never sleeps and they never get tired of inventing new trends. What do you guys think, Colored con-row's or Hair ring's? Would they ultimately become a 2016 trend and would you jump on it...i'd love to hear your thoughts. 

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