Just like every other person who tuned in to see the 2016 MTV VMA's, i was there mostly for Robyn Fenty aka Rihanna. The 28-year old Barbadian beauty achieved a major milestone yesterday, being honored with the Michael Jackson's Vanguard Award. Last year, we saw Beyonce walk away with the award and this year, it was only befitting to give the award to one of the youngest and most hard-working diva's of this generation, Rihanna! I get a little mushy when it comes to Rihanna because i have followed her for the 12 years of her career. From watching her make a debut shooting Pon de Replay and being interviewed by MTV to being honored with the MJ Vanguard Award pheww 12-years already, i am getting old! Keep reading for more. 

If The 2016 MTV VMA Awards was a ball then Rihanna was indeed the Cinderella of the ball and Drake on the other hand, is the perfect prince charming. I'll get to that but first, lets talk more on Rihanna and her incredible fashion from yesterday's awards. When Rihanna attends an award, we definitely anticipate her envelope pushing fashion appearances, but when i learn that she is to perform 3 times in one night and be honored with MTV's most prestigious award, then i was geared-up for the best of the superstar.  

My best outfit yet, from the Pop star was her after-party fringe ensemble. I'm too tired and sleep deprived to find out who is the designer, but when i do...ill post it up on my Instagram so stay glued. Yesterday, we saw Rihanna rock over three fashionable outfits on stage and this emerald green number on the singer, was Perfect!!! Rihanna always manages to top herself every, when it comes to her fashion so i hope a Fashion Icon Award is in the works...just saying. 

She made her way back to her hotel with you know who, sporting this sheer sleeveless emerald green fringe jumpsuit, which she accessorized with a beaded necklace and some green satin pointed shoes to match. She rocked some big hoops and had her sleek hair up in a bun. Rihanna is such a beauty!

look who followed closely behind to the same hotel after the after-party *kermit face*. After that speech and that Billboard, you bet! Just kidding. 

 First off, we saw the singer start the show wearing an all pink ensemble...Her Hood by Air pink top matched her skirt and thigh-high boots. It was pink perfection with her opening act. 

Then she turned into an island gyal rocking black leather pants a crop top and some fish net as she worked her thing on stage! 

For her next performance, she put on a fringe wig and worked the stage in a gorgeous black-nude velvet thigh-high boot.  

For her last performance, Rihanna took us away with her angelic rendition of her mega hit "Stay". For her look, she sported the most enviable Alexander Vautheir Fall 2016 gown. And then came Drake....  

 I've always been a fan of Drake but not so much #Aubrih because one never knows whats going on between this two. But last night, Drake made us fall in love with him...yes o, us!

 Looking the most dapper in a two-piece, the rapper presented Rihanna with her prestigious award and gave her us the speech of a life time. I've never seen someone talk that respectably and genuinely loving about Rihanna, never! She was gushing and blushing all staring at drake like a fat kid stares at candy in the store #nooffensekids we are all fat!

 This "neck itching" move is the move you make when the butterflies in your tummy are all the way up (in DJ Khaled's voice) lol. I'm such a drama queen, ignore me! I'm still sprung from watching them yesterday. 

If they had actually locked lips, the internet would have been broken today so thank God they settled for some caressing and a peck. The best meme I've seen so far of this picture, is captioned "Drake Waiting on the Kiss like he was on the Titanic" too funny!  

 Rihanna thanked him and gave a short sweet appreciation speech and the beautiful couple made their way off the stage #TEamAubRih!!! I am seriously rooting for them. Apparently, he has been sprung for too long so i hope this lasts longer than we pray it should. 

There isn't so much you can add to Rihanna's perfect night, other than the fact that Rihanna has come far from being a small girl in a small Island to being celebrated as a successful young lady all over the world. Believe in humble beginnings and chase your dreams like Hussein Bolt chases his gold medals lol. What do you guys think about this Union, you better be team #AubRih. Thats all...

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