My new thing is motivation and inspiration. As human beings; both ladies and gentlemen, we can never get enough motivation or inspiration and honestly with the direction the world is taking right now, we all need more encouragement, Trust me! 
Meet Betty Irabor, the founder and publisher of Genevieve Magazine and my new favorite source of inspiration. She had something pretty motivational to share this morning and what kind of friend will i be if i didnt share it with you all. Be inspired by this beautiful successful woman and her words of wisdom...keep reading.

 In an experiment, a group of frogs were placed in a pot under a fire that burnt slowly. Then a lid was put on the pot. As the temperature increased, the frogs began to try to jump out of the pot, but their escape was hindered by the lid. Every time the frogs jumped in an attempt to escape they hit the lid. Then the lid was removed to facilitate their escape but it was observed that even with the lid taken off, the frogs still could not jump beyond where the lid was. They still felt trapped by the lid and and could not escape. Every time they tried to leap out of the pot, they hit an imaginary lid. They were prisoners of a mindset that there was a lid long after the lid was taken off. They were victims of their own set limitations and mindset.

Most times humans are like that..,victims of perceived limitations, imaginary walls, barriers and paper tigers known as fear( Myles Monroe). Wouldn't it have been great if at least one frog leapt out because it suddenly realized "guys, the lid has been removed "
Often times, we all fail to explore all avenues to get out of what seems like a rut. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Many people just need to JUMP to the other side to find their purpose. Don't allow a negative mindset stand between you and the greatness that awaits you.
Take that leap.. The lid has since been removed. Frog jump your way out of that mental road block! Your success awaits. Have a great week.

Beyond the glitz and glam the world has to offer, there is a world out there full of beautiful men and women we can look up to for inspiration. I'll be sure to keep feeding you all with some more Inspiration so watch this space. 

Source @bettyirabor
Photography @Kelechi Amadi Obi
Make up @Bimpe Onakoya

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