While most of us are hitting the gym and struggling for weeks maybe months to loose just 10lbs, new mum Kim Kardashian is soaking in the sand and sizzling up social media with her enviable new slender figure and fashionable/racy Summer bikini shots. Word on the street and from the hot momma Kim, is that she has lost almost 70lbs since she gave birth to her son Saint West just 8 months ago. See more of her summer bikini style from her Vacation in Punta Minto, Mexico below. WARNING!!! Do not feel bad or blame your gym instructor for the things you are about to see lol. 

35-year-old Kim Kardashian is having a summer blast! What better way to celebrate a post-pregnancy snap-back body than to hit up the beach and put on a show for on-lookers right? The hot mother of two is wasting no time in showing off her new slender body. She is currently vacationing in Mexico with her two kids, 4-year-old North and 8-month old Saint. Kim her kids and some of her everly rotating circle of girl pals hit up Mexico for a baecation/get-away. While on her vacation, Kim has kept the paparazzi and all of social media (snapchat) entertained and interested with her series of raunchy/ provocating bikini styles which have been nothing but STEAMY! xxx

Asking how Kim got her slender pre-pregnancy body back so fast would be the most rhetorical question this year. When it comes to all things Kardashian, its best you just enjoy the view and take a cue or not from their fashion. No questions asked, no comments made! With Kim and some of her family members, its always a mystery so dont stress that pretty head of yours. From what i know, Kim has most definitely being working out, at least she shows us that on social media...but between snapchat and her recent trips to the doctor's, where we saw her get a laser skin tightening procedure, the hot mother has never looked better and everything looks exactly where it should be not like it had been tampered or had undergone the stress of having two kids (just saying), i should also add that Kim's trainer and doctor are definitely wizards, her snap-back is magical. What do you think? 

In one of her appearances on the beach, Kim posed along side gal pal Jasmine Sanders, sporting an orange sheer mesh piece by fashion designer Laina Rauma. Her orange dress is the designers sheer "Cindy" dress which you can get here for $100. 

Kim is not vacationing alone, the hot mommy is also out with her kids as seen here, she played beach side with 8-month old Saint.  

When one butt cheek is the same size as your son *hides face*  

Kim also shared the most adorable picture of her kids where she matched bikini's with her 4-year-old cutie North. So cute right? 

Kim's Humuhumu Bikini is by Acacia Swimwear and you can get it to shop right here

Kim building sand castles with her little ones. 

Kim continued to show us more of her Wet n Wild Mexico get away, this time it was a no-kids zone. The 35-year-old mother snapped in front of a full mirror and put her skinny waist on display in a waist-high bikini with inscription "Turbo Thots". If you didnt know before, Kim has a new range of Kimoji Merchandise and this body-suit is one of them. 

One thing is for sure, not all mothers are as hot as Kim Kardashian. Also, not all mothers publicly refer to themselves as thots! Wow Kim *raised brows*

Her Kimoji "Turbo Thot" black bikini is available on her site and you can get it here or NOT for $65 

In her most recent appearance and her skimpest look yet, Kim posed in a white hot cut-out bikini. Mexico will never be the same lol. Now she claims to have gotten her pre-pregnancy body back, there is no stopping kim. She took a picture of herself pool side rocking her white body suit. Do we smell another selfish book coming, i hope not! With the Kimoji Merchandise and all the Kardashian-jenners have going on, i dont want you all broke from buying and trying to keep up with them *tongue out* 

Kim is one hot mother and she knows, she posed for pictures while she rinsed herself with a shower-head in hand, okay i think i definitely smell another book on the hands....All this pictures for free?  

She has no waist at all, damn Kim!

Kim's white hot bikini is the Kim's Kourture Brazilian swimsuit and you can get it here for $129.99 

 She continued her day with a series of photo sessions where she changed into a more revealing white see-through bikini two-piece.

Oh Kim!

What do you think about Kim's Mexico style and her post-pregnancy snap back body, dont beat yourself,  about Kim's body, this lady is on a different planet. Lets here your thoughts. In the main time...

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