Jared Leto is indeed the man of the moment! As you all know by now, Jared stars as the world famous "Joker" in the newly released movie Suicide Squad along side leading ladies Margot Robie and supermodel Cara Delevingne. Still, its not his applauding on-screen performance or his character's green hair that has got everyone talking. Its his re-curring take on fashion and his unconventional sense of style that is leaving everyone including me, green with envy. Jared might play the Joker, but his style is nothing close to being a joke, and like almost everyone in 2016, Jared has most definitely been biting by the Gucci bug. 

Thanks to Gucci's new creative director Alessandro Michele, Gucci has once again dominated the fashion scene's at large with its creative new designs. Although, Jared might be a personal friends with the designer, his Gucci fever wasn't confirmed till he was spotted gazing in awe at the new Gucci collection on that faithful day, front row at the Gucci Men's Show, at the Milan Fashion Week. When Gucci's new creative designer Alessandro Michele first premiered the brands new collection in early 2015, his new designs left long time fans of the brand confused. I mean at first it was hard for me to understand what was going on but honestly, i was full of joy once i confirmed all the old tailoring, designs and the brands famous symbol was gone for good. Alessandro gave the brands merchandise a whole new look which featured more colors and geometric patterns and a lot of embroidering. I wont lie a part of me asked "what man would, be comfortable wearing all this floral patterns and embroidering"? Well, the new Gucci is not  for the typical casual man and there is nothing typical about Jared Leto and his fashion. 

Jared Leto is normally known for his bold and eccentric fashion statements on and off the red carpet, and this made him the perfect Muse for the new unconventional Gucci designs. Trust me, right now, Jared is doing more than an awesome job sporting and promoting the brand because we cant seem to get enough. He made his first appearance in the new Gucci collection on the red carpet at the LACMA Gala, November of last year. After that we saw him walk the Oscars red carpet with the brands new creative designer Alessandro in a custom made black and red Gucci suit, which he paired with some embroided loafers, also from the design. 

Earlier this year, we saw him don a custom Ivory three-piece Gucci tuxedo at the MET Gala, where he made his fashionable appearance accessorizing his suit a cane and some shinny patent shoes. Since then, it has been one hit after the other, on and off the red carpet with Jared and the renowned fashion house. 


One of the perks of being friends with Gucci's new creative director and having a fragrance contract with the brand, means you will have a wardrobe packed with all the newest and best of the brands designs. But then again, its one thing to have the best outfits literally handed to you and its another thing to wear them and leave on-lookers amazed and in awe with your styling. Jared is the perfect Gucci ambassador and he styles his premium pieces to perfection. From his T-shirts to his jeans and shoes, no one is styling Gucci better than the actor right now. Believe that!

He arrived at the Milan 2017 Spring Fashion Week for the Gucci Men's Show dressed in the brands designs head-to-toe. He paired his Gucci Bomber Jacket which is from the Spring 2017 Collection with an acid-wash denim pants also from the Spring 2017 Collection. Not bad right? 

It was during the on-going fashion show we saw Jared gaze with pure admiration at his Infamous Joker Leprechaun colored jacket which he just wore to the Suicide Squad European Premiere. It was love at first sight. 
Sitting front row at the show, Jared was captured spot on! Pictures do tell a thousand words really. mouth-open, Jaw dropped, Jared gazed with love as the model strutted down the runway in the jacket...little did we know what the Joker had in mind. 

Few days ago, the actor stepped out of his hotel in London spotting the green jacket and some pink pants and a pair of Gucci loafers (all from the brand), as he headed for his grande movie premiere. Thanks to Jared Leto, The Joker has a famous & favorite fashion brand and so far he has worn it well and at every press interview or sighting for his new movie. 

The Gucci "GG Web" Leather Loafers are available for purchase for $695 and you can get it here

 The big cats came out to play...For the World Premiere of his acclaimed movie Suicide Squad, Jared hit the scene sporting a Gucci Spring 2017 Embroidered Coat and some revolt leather loafers. 

The new Gucci designs sure do feature a lot of embroidery and embellishments, a trend we are seeing more and more of with new designs on and off the runway. Alessandro is a genius! 

Also, most of the Gucci designs feature a lot of the big cat designs...Jared's coat for his red carpet appearance had on an embroided cat and just before he hit the black carpet, he was curled up on Jimmy Fallon's couch at the Tonight's Show rocking a cat inspired design sweater.

 Making an appearance on Tonight's Show with Jimmy Fallon, Jared wore the Gucci Cruise 2017 Tiger Sweater, the Gucci Cruise 2017 Striped Pants, some Gucci Stretch Cotton Sock. Like i said he has the Gucci Fever. 

 When he is not attending Fashion shows or making press appearances, Jared hits the streets decked in Gucci still. Spotted strolling the streets of NYC in a beanie and the Gucci wool bee applique jacket.

The wool jacket retails at £ 1,140 and you can get it here

He also posed for the gram sporting the Washed t-shirt with Peanuts print.

The peanut T-shirt retails at $480 and you can get it here.

Whether he is casually strutting the streets or attending events, Jared's fashion and love for Gucci coupled with his impeccable styling has made him Buzz-worthy. 

In his most recent appearance, Jared posed for the latest Issue of the GQ Style Magazine, rocking his famous designer. He paired the Yellow Cashmere turtle-neck long-sleeve with the Retro Slim wool jacket and accessorized with the Piaget Altiplano Alligator Strap Watch.  

 The Retro Slim Wool Jacket goes for a whooping $2,240 and you can shop it right here.

The yellow Cashmere turtle-neck sweater retails at $950 and you can get it here

Jared and Gucci can do no wrong in my eyes and they are definitely a match made in fashion heaven. 2016, has been a good year so far for Gucci and Jared and i think the brand should do more than handing him their Snapchat for days and sign him on as the new face of Gucci men and of course Blue Ivy as has to come on for Gucci Kids right? lol. What do you think about the new Gucci designs and Jared's style in general? I'd love to hear from you so feel free to share your thoughts. In the main time...

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