The thigh-high boots are a double standard fashion asset in any lady's closet, serving both seasonal fashion (winter) and your sassy everyday fashion appearance. Personally, i think i really fancy thigh-high's because they never go out of trend and they always look great when styled properly. Pair them with a pair of jeans, a gown, shorts...there are so many stylish ways to style the everly saucy and cool fashion item. Still, a little styling error and you can be mistaken for a "pretty woman". Keep reading and find out more fabulous ways to style your thigh-high boots, also, take a cue from these fashion forward ladies below. 

Thigh-high boots are really a cool and necessary addition to any ladies wardrobe. They are fashionable, sassy and timeless. You can wear them at anytime and with almost anything and pull it off, plus they are the only type of heels that serve a multiple purpose of keeping you warm and making you look cool during the cold/more temperate seasons, which we are gradually approaching. Thigh-high's could come in suede, patent, glossy, basket-woven, fur, chrome ladida...with this everly evolving world of fashion, we never know what to expect next, from designers and manufacturers. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans like the lovely Tiwa Savage did up there or with some shorts or a mini dress and you are covered.  

When it comes to styling your thigh-high boots, there are really no pairing rules. Still, because of the nature and origin of this fashion piece, one can easily be out of place in a minute if styled inappropriately. So when it comes to wearing thigh-high boots, my ultimate/ GOLDEN RULE is dont be mistaken for a "pretty woman". That's my polite way of saying dont look like a slut, a hooker, a lady of the night, lady with easy virtues ... whatever is poetically accepted for "skank" in the dictionary lol (i'm sure you get my point). Also, i should chip this in, it also helps to be subtle with your pairing, when your outfit is too busy and you are wearing shoes that go all the way up, you just come off as controversially/tackily dressed. I'll explain more below. 

The first trick to note when styling your boots, especially if you have no intention of looking like a streetwalker, is to note the amount of skin you have on display. Also, the occasion/event matters when it comes to your outfit choice. If you are making a daytime appearance, it helps to go for a sexy but conservative look. It could be paired with a trench like Olivia Mun has on above or a long-sleeve shirt or a corporate jacket. If you are making a casual run or heading out for brunch, you can pair your boots with a casual outfits like some skinny jeans or a dress or a not so revealing mini. However you pair your day time outfit choices with your thigh-high boots, just know to show less skin. The boots are already a major focal point, dont give us so many things to focus on. #streetwalkerstyle

Kim Kardashian made a recent appearance sporting a Yeezy Season 2 thigh-high peep-toe boots with a matching sleeveless black mini dress and a denim choker. What do i think about her pairing? I think she looks absolutely gorgeous. Is she showing too much skin for a day time appearance? Not at all! She is Kim Kardashian and so we expect to always see a little more skin than on an average fashionista. I love her whole look because she kept it subtle, her outfit matches her heels as opposed to wearing a bold or distracting bright colors. Her make up is minimal and not distracting and also pairing her outfit with the denim choker which we know is a hot trend at the moment, just makes the whole look more trendy and attractive. She is styled so perfectly, you find yourself stuck looking at her upper body as opposed to looking at her exposed thighs or boots. Like i said before, you already have a whole leg covered in fabric and heels, dont distract people with every other thing you have on. Simplicity is key!

Draya is a fan of thigh-high's, she has been spotted rocking them this year on multiple occasions. For this particular night-out, Draya looked lovely as she rocked her boots with a buttoned up long-sleeve and a matching black mini skirt. I absolutely love this look on her, corporate chic!

Rihanna doesn't play with her thigh-high's. She styled her black faux thigh-high boots casually with a matching black over-size t-shirt.

On another sighting, the superstar rocked her own collection of Riri X Manolo's. Earlier this year, she launched this collection of denim thigh-high boots with renowned shoe brand Manolo Blahnik. For her night out, Rihanna paired her boots with a white high-low shirt and matching denim shorts. 

Karrueche is also a fan of the thigh-high trends and she has been rocking them all year too. In her most recent sighting, she paired her black suede boots with a red over-size shirt. Simple and chich!She is such a beauty. 

Leave it to gorgeous Ciara to show some extra skin and rock a thigh-high boot and not look like a "pretty woman" lol. Obviously, she might or might not hit the streets dressed like this but still, i think she is styled to admiration and her boots are perfect. 

 Kylie Jenner also has a craze for thigh-high boots, she has them in numbers and styles them gorgeously. One of my favorites from her collection, has to be this 2016 Balenciaga thigh-high she just recently splurged on, i cant wait to see her style them properly on a day out. 

 The black suede thigh-high's are probably the most common of all. Here, Kylie styles hers with a black over-size t-shirt and a stripe blazer.

Kendall is also not a stranger to this trend, she hit the streets for a night-out in her pointed patent leather boots to match that cute Celine mini of her's. As you can see, she is showing a little skin in her side slit shimmery long-sleeve dress which she pairs with a faux cashmere jacket. 

 Now to the tricky one's. As you know, the thigh-high boots could come in the famous lace-up designs. As cool and complicated as they look, they can easily make your entire look tacky if not styled and worn properly. So when you are considering splurging on a lace-up thigh-high booties, ensure they are not to complicated (with the lacing), else you will hit the streets looking a hot mess. Amrezy's suede lace-up boots look gorgeous and are lace-up perfectly. 

Kim Kardashian recently stepped out rocking this thigh-high lace-up Tom Ford heels, which she paired with an over-size black shirt. Although the hot momma looked pretty, i thought the shoes made the whole look too busy and were tacky! That lace-up does not look attractive on any level, if for one thing, they look like they would leave you sore with the extra lacing. No bueno!

Rita Ora's D-squared heels are knee-high boots but i love how nice they look when laced up. As you can see, they are not as busy as Kim's Tom Ford's so they dont distract you and they complement her outfit so nicely.

Definitely one of my favorite looks from Kim this year, her cotton ribbed dress and thigh-high denim heels at the Revolve Hampton's bash. She looked perfecto and her denim boots are a step-up from the Tom Fords. They are so gorgeous.

However you choose to style your trendy thigh-high boots in 2016, make it count. If you decide to break all the rules or show a little extra skin/bare it all, go for it and do you. Whatever makes you comfortable as long as you dont get mistaken for a streetwalker, my job is complete. Remember there are no more Richard Gere's on the streets *wink*. I'd love to hear your thoughts and see you style your thigh-high's especially with the winter fast approaching, so feel free to tag me (@ivymarshallonline) on your Insatgram pictures. In the main time...

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