Athleisure is officially a thing! After gym hours haven't been the same since the invisible fashion gods declared it okay to come out in your gym slacks. I still dont know who declared this a thing, we literally woke up one morning and a new word was coined "athleisure" for the new designs of sports-wears re-invented to fit our everyday style. Well, big brands like Puma and Adidas are wasting no time jumping on this quint fashion trend, releasing merchandise to suit the trend and our everyday fashion. Also, celebrities definitely seem to also be loving this trend, who wouldn't?! You can now walk around in your yoga pants and feel totally blameless or guilty of breaking any rules. Of all the celebrities who have been slaying the athleisure trend, my fashion face-off today, is directed towards the fiercest of them all, Kylie Jenner and Rita Ora! Both ladies have an interesting and engaging style and are also ambassadors of athleisure brands. Lets waste no time talking...check out their respective athleisure style and tell me who is killing this trend better. 

Like i said already, of all the female celebrities rocking the athleisure on a daily basis, its safer to do a fashion Face-off between these two fashion-forward starlets because they are both brand ambassadors for athleisure collections. 19-year old Kylie Jenner signed a million dollar deal with international sports giants Puma and has been the face of a series of ad campaigns for their new athleisure wear. While 25-year-old Rita Ora is face of German sportswear giant Adiddas athleisure collection. She just recently teamed up with the brand to release their most recent collection of athleisure wear called "Color Paint Pack". 

From front pages of fashion campaigns to editorials to their commanding on-screen presence and their everyday street style, these two voracious fashionista's definitely fall in the category of "most watched" celebrities on the planet right now. Other than being popular for her hit TV Family Show, Kylie is the latest beauty mogul on the block with a social media fan base than would make any teenager go crazy. 

Rita on the other hand has transitioned from being Brit's pop-princess to being known for her eccentric and bold fashion. She just recently landed the role of Judge of the hit TV Show, America's Next Top Model, replacing supermodel Tyra Banks. She is currently filming the shows latest season and since the on-set, she has commanded the streets of NYC with her daily unpredictable fashion choices and her style. I could go on and on, on how this two beauty's are greatly influencing pop-culture, fashion and the new trend but i'm sure y'all already know. Take a look t their individual street style featuring the athleisure wear below and decide who has this trend on lock down. 

What do you think? Who is inspiring you and making you want to splurge on athleisure wears more, Kylie or Rita? I think both of them could pull anything off but looking at their individual styles, they dont really have much in common...agree? Kylie has a more laid pack and sexy approach to her fashion and Rita is either looking high-street or causal chic. 
Regardless of their individual styles, i think i'm really here for this new trend, mostly because i can make a stop or two before or after hitting the gym lol. 

Would you be investing in some fashionable looking athleisure wears? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this trend and on their individual styles so dont be shy to leave your thoughts below. In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall