After seeing Keri Hilson step out this week at the Cocktails with Claire event in Atlanta, would you want anyone else to be your beauty crush (lol)? Hell NO! Well, the beautiful Miss Keri Hilson is my beauty crush for today. See all my favorite pictures of her and read more about why she is my beauty crush...after the cut. 

In a world where we see people loosing themselves and getting suicidal all in a quest for beauty, the very beautiful Keri Hilson has managed to keep herself and her beauty. I am such a fan of this lady! She exudes everything that a true beauty should, calmness, grace and effortlessness. Keri doesn't really need to do so much to stand out, every time she is in the spotlight she stands way out! A natural glow for ages, a smile that would your heart melt and a voice to match her beauty. 

These days, i find myself being pulled towards people who are more effortless and graceful as opposed to being superficial. Almost everybody we see online or on Tv and Magazines, all look alike, so cliche! Its almost like they are all made it out of the same doll-house. Beauty should not be so superficial and it should be more rare than what we see around today. I appreciate Keri Hilson for her grace. Keri always looks flawless even when she has little or no make up on. She is not about that extra life. Not at all. 

One of the best things i really do admire about Keri Hilson, other than the fact that she is such an obvious beauty and has an amazing voice with great dancing skills...come to think of it, Keri is one multi-talented lady. Like i was saying, other than all her amazing qualities, i love how under the radar she is, especially in Nollywood, she is quiet private and in her own beautiful world. Not everyone needs to stunt for the gram on a daily basis right?

Like the great Scholar Petrarch said "Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together" i hope Keri has the virtues to go with such enviable beauty. Still, Keri is my beauty crush for today. See more of her stunning pictures below. 

What do you think about Keri Hilson, isn't she just the cutest *puppy face*. 

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Ivy Marshall