Remember when Africa's whitenicious pop-star Dencia stepped out at the 2016 Grammy Awards covered head-to-toe in embellishments right? Well, she raised a lot of confused eyebrow's wearing a pink heavily embellished onesie and some crystal-glitter embellished heels. I remember reading comments on the internet after seeing her look and laughing. One fashion house called her look a Pepto-bismol Harajuku inspired disaster (ouch!) and another said it was ridiculous and hideous and not appropriate for music's biggest night. Well, i do agree, Dencia was being a little extra but who cares, its go big or go back home to Africa. Now, fast-forward to a few months later at Fashion Week's Spring 2016 unveiling, every major fashion house had one embellished item or the other, it was an embellishment attack. The not so popular 2015 trend had come to stay in 2016 for good.  Since then, the embellished trend has only been getting bigger and better. Keep reading and find out more about this trend. Dencia still has to redeem herself in 2017, but way to go on putting your touch on the trend before most people did. 

I might not have been a fan of Dencia's onesie but i loved her embellished heels. Two years ago, you would have seen a shoe embellished with crystals and pearls and say where would i wear that to? Well, everywhere! The embellishment trend is legit and everyone is loving it. 
Today, i'm not here to talk about embellishment head-to-toe, i'm just going to focus on the embellished shoe trend, because fashion houses are making such big moves with their shoes and its really really buzz-worthy. 

We've always had spike shoes, so its nothing new, but when brands like Gucci start to put a twist on their shoes and spoil their latest releases with a lot more of the embellishments, then you know fashionista's are in for it. The Italian brand has been one of the biggest power players with this shoe embellishment trend. Following their entire re-branding by the brands new creative director Alessandro Michelle, we got to see a more bold and a better side of Gucci. Also, brands like Miu Miu have been superb with this trend and their creative stand-alone designs.

Christina Milian's black and gold studded pearl embellished leather heels are from Gucci and you can get them right here. She has been killing it in the shoe department lately. Its been one fierce heel after the other.

Some of the big fashion houses on the 2016 Spring Runways showcased different styles of the embellished heel trends. From Dolce and Gabbana to Miu Miu to Dries Van Noten, Rodarte, Alexaner McQueen just to mention a few. The embellished heel trend was indeed memorable on the runways and its already making a splash on the streets. Fashionista's dont ever hold back. If you are looking to make a fashion-forward impression, then this is the trend to splurge on, just dont forget to do it right and dont come out in your pyjamas. 

Floral appliques, pearls, crystals you name it, the list of embellishments on heels this days, go on and on. Dont hold back when you are about to splurge on the trend, for me i say the brighter and more embellished the better. This particular floral embellished heels are from Daisy Street, they retail at £39.99 and you can get them here

Just when we thought pearls couldn't get any fancier, the new embellishment trend, also features gorgeous pearls from designers like Miu Miu and Gucci. On the 2016 runway, Miu Miu took things to the next level debuting their faux-pearl embellished slides amongst other very fancy foot-wears. Just when big brands like Puma and a host of others were pulling weight with the casual comfy faux slides, you see this classy pink faux slides. Definitely a head turner! No wonder Nigerian Designer Lisa Folawiyo will be casually seen in one. They are fabulous and very worthy of her everyday style. You can go ahead and shop them here


There are so many beautiful embellished heels out there to splurge on, this are just a few picks i really love at the moment. As the world of fashion continues to evolve and re-invent itself, its great to always find a balance admits the chaos and be seasonal with your fashion. More 2016 trends to come for now, go haunt for a pair of fancy embellished shoes, they would make a great addition to that collection,  dont you think? 

Would you be splurging on this trend, do you like it or is it too dramatic for your laid-back fashion?! A little drama never hurt you know. Keep coming back for more fashion dets. I gatchu!!!

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Ivy Marshall 

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