Lets keep things rolling with some  healthy fashion face-off, its another round of who wore it better.

Today's fashion face-off features two of my absolute favorites. In one corner we have the delectable Toke Makinwa who doesn't joke with her fashion and the beautiful Kehinde Bankole; Tv actress with the best smile in Nollywood (i'm obsessed with her dimples). The outfit in question is a blue and black sleeveless sheer lace dress. All my efforts to find out who the dress is by didn't really pan out (straight face) but, you can get the dress via @fashionfastfwd or @elanredstore (Instagram handles...thank me later). Back to the "Battle of The Nollywood Beauties"...

 Toke Makinwa is always a delight, she is never boring with her fashion no matter how simple it may look. She paired her dress with some simple black sandals and accessorized with a gold cuff bracelet. Make up and hair on fleek and yes she is glowing for days. #lifeonthevainlane

In her favorite spot; her infamous door... Toke made some sultry poses in her dress via the gram. She looks so pretty.

Kehinde Balogun on the other hand, paired her dress with some red rivet sandals and matched her look with some red hot lipstick. She is one of my favorite actresses, very pretty and always simple. Kehinde is one of those beauties who doesn't really have to do much you know. #bornthisway. 

 Kehinde gave us a full look of her backless sheer lace dress, which showed off her svelte figure in a sexy pose via a three-way collage on her Instagram. If the picture wasn't slightly blurry, ya'll would have seen those famous dimples clearly lol. You can tell i'm really obsessed with her pretty dimples right #dimplestalker 

So people, who do you think rocked this outfit and the entire look better? Its not fair i have to pick between this two pretty ladies i absolutely love :( . I think they both look gorgeous and both have their own style, but i have to give this one to Toke. I love how she kept it simple and paired her dress with matching black heels. Kehinde looks pretty too but ya'll know how i feel about red for a pop-of color (too cliche). 

Those are just my thoughts, do you have a contrary one...i'd like to hear from you. 

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