Long time no fashion face-off. Today's fashion face-off is an intense one, its the battle of the Hollywood hotties and the social media hottie all in House of CB. Also, can we acknowledge the fact that House of CB has been dominating the fashion scenes all week with their back to back celebrity sightings. Everyone is wearing House of CB everywhere you turn, great work guys! Anyway, without wasting any more time, lets resolve this fashion feud.

The outfit in question is the House of CB "Alya" Blush Bandage Set, it includes the skirt, the bustier top and the collar. The outfit retails at $209 and you can shop it off their website by clicking here. They have the most amazing clothes really, if you are not already following them on Instagram, what are you waiting for? Go follow them so you stay constantly updated. 

In the first corner, we have the delectable Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn, she hit the pink and black carpet at the premiere of Bad Moms yesterday in Los Angeles rocking the famous House of CB ensemble.  Can you see her abs? Na wa! She looks great and of course the outfit fits her like a glove. Perfect. 

She kept the accessories simple, after-all the dress already has too so much going on with the collar/choker. She swept her gorgeous blonde hair to the side and posed effortlessly for pictures. She looks great with minimal nude make up. But as you already know, this look has been won twice over so lets check out the other ladies.

X-factor judge and Songstress Nicole Sherzinger attended the Global Gift Gala in Ibiza rocking this same House of CB set too. Like i said before, everyone loves House of CB, clearly. Nicole is one of the hottest women in Hollywood, if you knew her from Pussycat dolls then you wouldn't dispute that.

She went a little darker with her look, sporting some dark lips and accessorized her set with a body chain and some hand rings and completed the look with some suede platform heels. You have to be a confident woman (confident about your body) to wear this outfit, because it has your abs, hands and back all on display and you know those are not friendly areas.

 Lastly but certainly not the least, we have Instagram's very own bombshell Micah Gianneli. She is one of the most popular and one of the hottest fashion-forward bloggers on Instagram. Like her bio reads "slicker than your average fashion blogger" she is really.  She showed of her own Alya set via her blog and Instagram looking very vogue-ready.

Micah is the only one not on the red carpet and she is the one who is out-posing the other lmao! Micah is a bombshell really. For her look, she had little or no accessories but her  nose ring and multiple earrings. I dont know what shoes she has on but i bet it will be one that matches her outfit. Also, can we take a minute to acknowledge her hair cut and her toned abs...sick!

So people, who rocked this bandage set best. Lindsey, Nicole or Micah? They all look so great, keep reading for my thoughts. 

All three ladies look great if i didnt have to choice one of them, i would totally choose Muriel Villera who is the hot House of CB model up there rocking the dress lmao. Unfortunately, she is not part of this duel lol so i cant pick her. This wasn't an easy choice because, i like all three ladies and they all look so good with very enviable bodies. Nicole looks good but her shoes dont cut it for me, i'm not a fan of floor-length clothes and chunky heels. Lindsey on the other hand is perfect, nothing wrong about her entire look but i have to make a choice and the person who rocked this look the best to me is none other than Micah Gianelli!!! She looks like a bag of model (pounds). Flawless!!! She is the only one rocking her set off the red carpet and still slaying un-apologetically. Her hair is perfect, i am in love with her hair, her make up and very minimal accessory...She looks flawless. Besides that, Micah is a regular muse for House of CB, she always rocks their outfits flawlessly so this was easy for her. What do you think? do you agree with me on this or do you have contrary thoughts...i'd love to hear them, so you can leave them down below. In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall 

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