Hey all! Happy Sunday. Its time for another fashion face-off and interestingly, the ladies are not battling for supremacy this time. In a twist of events, our fashion face-off features Musical Icon Celine Dion and rapper Tyga. For those of you who dont know the later, he is Kylie Jenner's on and off boyfriend...that ought to jog your memory. Alright, lets proceed.

 The outfit in question is the Vehements Black Oversize Titanic hoodie sweater, which retails for a cool  $885. All my efforts to hook you up with this merchandise went through the roof because guess what?! The entire merchandise sold out after Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar win (lmao) talk about a good win for the brand. Still i couldn't leave you hanging, you can check for other equally cool items from the brand here

Earlier on in February, the 27-year-old rapper was spotted in NYC rocking his Vehement's Hoodie which he paired with a pair of black jeans and the nude Common Project Suede Chelsea Boots

 Tyga is a huge fan of the Vehements brand, he is always rocking their bomber jackets and sweaters and they look cool on him. 

If you thought Tyga looked cool in his hoodie then you should take a second look at Iconic singer Celine Dion. Who knew she had this much swag in her lol. The 48-year old musician has been giving us a series of enviable looks in this years Fashion Week in Paris. She stepped out of her hotel, waving the everly present paparazzi and looking gorgeous in her Vehements Hoodie. Even more adorable is the fact that it is a "Titanic"inspired hoodie and she is the Lady behind Titanic's epic soundtrack "My Heart Will go on"

She paired her Sweater with some jeans, a metallic gold heels to match her silver and gold mini purse and some dark aviator glasses. 

So people, who do you think rocked this look better? Celine or Tyga?!

My thoughts; I know must of you will be like "You cant compare a man and a woman in this terms" but guys its fashion and right now, anything goes. Moving on (straight face) i think Tyga looks okay, he is somewhat fashionable, and wears really nice things so he is conversant with his fashion. Also i love those shoes on him i think they are nice and incorporating them in this outfit...it totally blends well. Celine on the other hand (pauses) is an Icon! lol... Whenever you think of Titanic, all that comes to your mind is her pitch-perfect voice and her melancholic ice-berg cold tune (i'm going on Shakespearean with my words...i'm in full blown literature mode hehe). My point is that, if there is any one that should be praised here for rocking this hoodie, no offense to Tyga...it should be Someone who Inspired the Hoodie's production. Although, the real MVP is Leonardo for selling out the merchandise without even making an effort or being aware. He should be the face of the Line forever (i'm laughing at how crazy i sound).  So for me, Celine rocked the hell out of this look better. 

 The sold out hoodie is a celeb favorite clearly, I also spotted it on supermodel Jourdan Dunn.

Also spotted on 23-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves small forward Shabazz Muhammad who hit the gram to post up for a fit pic.

Thoughts guys? Do you think i made the right judgement or do you have contrary thoughts? Ill'd love to hear from you. Leave your thoughts down below. 

Ivy Marshall