When it comes to fashion in Nigeria and most of Africa, i am yet to find another woman as fashionable as Lisa Folawiyo. To say she is a serial slayer would be very un-dignifying of her fashion and style and person in general because, she is much more than your regular everyday fashionista dressing up for the gram to score points really. She is more couture than casual, even when she appears to be dressed casually lol. I'm just going to save my thoughts till my actual blog-post about her style and move along to the reason why we are here. For just another day in this unapologetic fashionista's life, she posed for the gram looking chic in the most enviable a Delpozo Poplin Shirt and some denim shorts. See more after the cut and all the necessary outfit details.

Most of you reading this post may have never heard of the Designer Delpozo right? Well neither did i till just last week here and i am a voracious fashion enthusiast who is currently hunting for all things fashion lol. (Thats shows no one is all knowing not even in their field of interest). I came across the designer for the first time when Iconic Singer Celine Dion wore one of their dresses.

Yes that's why you probably haven't heard of Delpozo, because the Spanish Heritage label its for people like the Celine Dion's and the Michelle Obama's of the fashion world, unless of course you are Nigeria's shiniest jewel Lisa Folowiyo who this post is originally about lol. 

 Lisa posed for the gram looking casual in the Delpozo Ruffled Cotton and Organza Poplin shirt, it retails at $1,546 and you can get it here at Luisa Viaroma. Thank me later!

She paired her top with some denim shorts, a pair of black and gold sandals to match her a structured mini bunny bag, a reflective sunglasses which is a huge summer trend and a baseball cap. This the definition of casual chic!

What do you think of Lisa's style, i'd love to hear, so leave your comments. 

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