What better way to cheer in the new week, than with some early morning Monday motivation. By motivation i mean celebrating Serena Willams as one of the greatest athletes of her generation.
Still on the hill of her epic victory at Wimbledon last Saturday, July 9, where she defeated Angelique Kerber, tying her with tennis legend Steffi Graf for the Open Era record of 22 Grand Slam singles. Serena Williams stepped out looking absolutely delectable to celebrate her victory at the star stunned Champions' Dinner in London's imposing Guildhall. Read more after the cut...

To say i am in awe of Serena Williams is to say the least. It was no secret that Serena Williams made women all across the world shiver with joy and tear-up a little after her epic win! Watching Serena dive on that Wimbledon Arena grass, arms-wide open, legs stretched all in relief of her hard-work and new victory, would be a picture that most people would never forget, i know i wouldn't.
At 34 years old, Serena continues to prove that the only way to the top is by working hard, focusing and dedicating the right amount of time to achieving your goal. Serena has always stressed that "she wants to be known as one of the greatest athletes of all time, rather than one of the greatest female athletes of her time". 

 I always tell people, ladies especially, that "it is not okay to look around you and settle for a particular lifestyle or job or accomplishment or goal just because you think you have gotten to a point where you are doing better than the people in your immediate environment". Dont be that young lady that measures her success with unsuccessful yardsticks or the accomplishments of lazy or i should say more politely, laid-back people. Like Serena said, she doesn't want to be known as the best female athlete in the world of tennis, she wants to be the best athlete over all, men included (and she would be...mark my words).

In a world of sports dominated by very successful male athletes and few females, Serena is on the verge of breaking history. With this win, Serena has successfully managed to tie the long standing record of Tennis Legend Steffi Graff who was ranked worlds No 1. When asked about her victory, Serena told reporters “It makes the victory even sweeter to know how hard I worked for it” and when asked about her new record, she said "22 has never been my goal, but that it was “incredibly difficult” not to think about Graf’s record going into Saturday’s game". Hearing her say those words for me, were very re-energizing. Victory is the sweetest feeling one could ever feel but in order to be victorious, one must work hard for it. There is no two-ways about it, victory and hard-work go hand in hand so dont ever forget or separate them.

It doesn't really mater what you are doing or what area or field you find yourself, hard work is still a necessary input to achieving success. You might be wondering, why are we not talking about Serena's outfit or how she looks? Why are you giving us a pep-talk lol. Well, other than the fact that as individuals, we constantly need to be motivated by other people's success, i am going to be one of the biggest bloggers in Africa and the world! I need to constantly remind and motivate myself with these things, which i already am aware of.... but sometimes circumstances around us allow us forget and drift away from the goal. Writing and thinking out loud is a way of motivating myself, so i can motivate you esteemed readers! NOTE; I said "one of" the biggest bloggers in Africa and the World; meaning i am all and always will be about other people's growth and success. The world would be an incredibly nice place if a lot more people where successful and frankly, the sky is big enough for us all to soar.

Serena posed proudly in a floor-length red backless dress with a crystal embellished bodice as she stood in front of London's Imposing Guildhall where she attended the star-studded Championship Dinner. Fit for the champion's backdrop, 2016 WIMBLEDON were neatly carved out in a sign made by hedges.

Serena might be the Woman of the Moment and the most celebrated black woman today (amidst all the crisis happening in the world especially with the #blacklivesmatter protests and the cop killing crisis) but there are a few things i want us to take away from reading this post. I've carefully itemized them below.

1. Lay down your goals, find your passion. 
To achieve success in life, one must lay down your life goals. Success of any kind wont come knocking on your door if you dont go out and find it. But before go out, you have to know what you are looking for. I make a good competitor for table tennis but that is definitely not my area of strenght so i would not waste up time pursuing success in a field i wasn't exceptionally great at. My point exactly is that; not everyone would be good at tennis like Serena or Writing or being a Chef. Find something you are very passionate about and stick to it. With hard work and dedication, you will achieve all the success you desire.

2. Eyes on the prize 

Now you have set a goal for yourself. Success would still not come knocking if you dont work hard enough to call it. Hard-work, dedication, determination, perseverance...these are a few of the qualities successful people have. Most importantly, successful people always keep their eyes on the prize and they dont allow distractions or anything to get them dismayed.

3. Realise that its not always going to be patient!

Determination, dedication, patience, tenacity, firmness, diligence, endurance, assiduity et al... To be successful, these are a few qualities one must posses. Qualities that constantly remind you that its not going to be easy but you are going to get there someday. This is something i constantly tell myself everyday. Tell yourself right away! So you dont build false hopes and fake dreams and ruin your vision and goal. Of all of them, one major quality has to be patience. Its going to come but just not immediately. I started blogging because i wanted to while away time while undergoing my NYSC (serving my country as a graduate) and because i loved talking about fashion and clothes and beauty so i did it diligently and without expectations. Now i want to make a lot of money while doing it, i know its not going to happen in the twinkle of an eye, but that doesn't bother me because i know i would. Serena Williams had a slower start this season after losing two of her Grand Slam finals earlier this year — the Australian Open and the French Open but that didn't deter her, today she is a champion and celebrated worldwide for being a success in her field. Whatever you are doing, be patient and work hard.

4. Perks of success. 

Most people get distracted from their paths of success because they simply do not know the perks of success. When you realize that success comes with every other thing in life that you so desire, you would focus more on achieving the success and not every other thing (distractions). The money would definitely come with the success, the fame would roll in with the success and the attention would come in numbers overwhelming. If you watched Serena's final match, you would have seen the stadium packed with all the Who's Who in the entertainment/social circle. Everyone came rooting for her. From Ellen DeGeneres to Jay-z and Beyonce, Victoria Beckham you name it. Following her victory, social media stood still for her; everyone sharing words or admiration and prayer.

If Serena was chasing the fame and attention rather than chasing her dreams, she never would be lifting her 22nd Gram Slam Trophy or be celebrated. Eyes on the price!

5. Enjoy your success and dont forget to work harder. 

After all the hard work comes the after party and the chill! Enjoy yourself the right way and live in the moment and be with the people you love the most. After all work and no play...
From Championship dinners to hitting the London Club-houses, Serena has been seen hitting the party scenes with all pride and joy. Besides, she is  about to break a record next season. When asked about next season, Serena warned her rivals saying she is hungrier than ever to win more Grand Slam titles even after just being crowned Wimbledon champion. 

Serena is an Inspiration and i commend and admire her. Hope we are all inspired by this post and to get off our butts and get that gold. What are your thought's ill'd love to hear from you.
In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall

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