Unfortunately, i couldn't think of a less dramatic caption for this post. But before i go ahead to address the post's caption, i should ask...Why do you take selfie's? Do you think people really care to look at your selfies for more than a minute? Why are you breaking the bank to look good on Instagram and other social media platforms for free or for likes when you could be doing a whole lot more (deep sigh). In her most recent escapade, reality star Kim Kardashian gave "being paid to show up" a whole new meaning. Read more after the cut. 

Remember seeing Kim on this particular day looking gorgeous in her long-sleeve bodycon mini dress and over-the-knee Yeezy boots? Well if you dont, i do! I remember seeing her pose on a field in the Hampton and i remember seeing her take pictures with a bunch of strange people. By strange, i mean unfamiliar faces. Well, i should have guessed that those faces where unfamiliar because they were all not Kim's regular circle of friends and that Kim was just making a celebrity appearance a the Hamptons bash. I dont expect Kim to show up anywhere for free, i mean she is a mega-super star and one of the most popular people in the world, but i certainly didnt expect her to charge a whooping $700k for an appearance. 

Okay maybe i expect Kim to charge the most but these fashion-bloggers and Rich Hampton kids, sure know how to make a splurge or simply dont have any use for their money. They flew Kim Kardashain out to the Hamptons just to take selfies and to make an appearance at their party!!! Dont get me wrong, when you build a brand as big as Kim's, you can charge for pretty much anything at any amount you desire, but when people pay such an amount it should be for something better than taking selfie's...really! Kim really has to be the queen of selfie's.

She attended the party and took pictures with the bloggers and style influencer for over an hour and then went on to chat with the media. She spoke with an ELLE correspondent, who said the reality star showed up with about 25 bodyguards (when people actually agree to pay you that much to take selfies, you have to take extra precautions lmao). During their chat, they talked about everything from Kardashian’s kids, North and Saint West, to how she runs everything by her husband, Kanye West, including her makeup tutorials.

“Kanye and I give advice to each other on a daily basis. From ‘Do you like this outfit?’ to last night, I had him up at one in the morning because I was showing him different makeup techniques,” Kardashian told Elle. “We are constantly asking each other for creative feedback.”

For those of you who dont know, Kim landed at number 42 on the Forbes list of highest paid celebrities for 2016, she still doesn't sing or act dont forget. Forbes also made us know that the reality star made a whooping $51 million dollars from her "Kardashian Hollywood" Game app and that only amounts for just 40% of her entire income. Well, now we know where the other 60% comes from. Not to judge Kim or the Hamptons kids, after all, Kim got paid a huge sum to come to Nigeria for an event and after flying over 10 hours to come to Africa, Kim only spent a few minutes at the show and headed out with our Nigerian money and no love for the country. 

Okay guys, not to be a Deby Downer or a hater, the moral of this story should be working to improve your worth. If you read my blog post yesterday, i talked about creativity (not too late, read it here) People are getting more creative and building brands around themselves and honestly, nothing is stopping you too from doing that. No one would be interested in you, if you dont have something going for yourself so try to get creative and build a brand around yourself and your passion. 
Big up's to least now we can add "i'm taking selfie's to the bank" to our famous quotes. 

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Ivy Marshall