Messi is now a blondie!!! Words i'd never thought ill use on him but like they say "never say never". Football legend Lionel Messi has officially swapped his brunette hair for a more fun look. Dont they say blonde's have more fun? Although, i dont know what that means for Barcelona FC and the forth-coming football season, that saying just normally just applies to the likes of Paris Hilton and co *shrugs*... See more of his recent blonde sightings after the cut. 

Our favorite footballer Lionel Messi has gone through a lot this past few months so when i first saw him with his beach-blonde hair do, the first thoughts in my head was "New Man" after i laughed a little of course. I hit the internet to see what other people thought about his new look and guess what? No one likes it! Okay saying no one likes it is down-playing their emotions, people are actually freaking out because of his new look *raised brow* Really guys! A man is allowed to do whatever he wishes to do with his look and still be loved not judged. No one cared about what he looked like last season or rather what was on his hair, why start now. In my opinion, blonde or brunette this man is still a legend, this is not a Samson case...he is allowed to change-up his look. 

For those of you inconsiderate lots who dont know, Messi has had quiet a hectic summer. First he had to watch Cristiano Ronaldo win an International trophy in the Copa America final, he retired from soccer (then came back) and also he was recently was convicted of tax fraud. Most f you would do more than change your hair color. Anyway, social media is still on fire about Messi's new look (and i thought the kardashians had worse fans), fans, fellow footballers (by felllw i mean Cristiano Ronaldo) every one has made one hysterical comment or the other about his hair. I would love to show you all of them that got me laughing out my head this morning but, sorry they were too many so go search for it yourself lol. I dont like people taking jabs at my one of my favorite footballers. Click here to see Ronaldo's comment #hater. 

Messi posing with a fan 

Lucky flight attendants got to take some pictures with the football legend. 

Messi and Suarez *massive grin* 

 Thats the culprit (the barber) 

Incase you forgot the old Messi, that's what he looked like. He always eats out of that (notice it up?) 

Bye bye old Messi...Welcome New Messi. Other footballers better brace themselves, its going to be one interesting season. 


What do you think about Messi's new look, lets hear your thoughts. I'd be sure to keep you updated if i see anymore fantastic things lol. In the main time...

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