Morning to you all! Lets get straight to it. So most of you remember Crystal Harris right? Well, for those of you who dont remember her, she was former Playboy Mansion "playmate" who later Married 90-year-old Hugh Hefner on December, 2012. Now, she goes by Mrs. Crystal Hefner (Hope you are up to speed now). In recent news, the Playboy Mate and Mrs. to Hugh Hefner, recently underwent surgery to take out her implants which she says "almost killed her". Read more of her shocking and truthful experience after the cut.

For those of you ladies considering Cosmetic Surgery now or in the nearest future, i hope this helps you decide. Crystal Hefner shared her honest plastic surgery aftermath/experience via her Facebook
and also on her Instagram. She said "My  Breast Implants Slowly Poisoned me, Intolerance to foods and beverages, unexplained back pain, constant neck and shoulder pain, cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, memory loss), stunted hair growth, incapacitating fatigue, burning bladder pain, low immunity, recurring infections and problems with my thyroid and adrenals. 

The mildest of those symptoms started a few years back. The aches, the bladder pain, brain fog, fatigue. I ignored it, labeling myself a hypochondriac, despite truly worrying that there was something wrong with me. I joked about losing my memory to age, and about getting "lazy". I began to cancel appointments and shoots because everything exhausted me. Before everything went downhill I was at the gym five days a week, and always shooting and working. 

"I've had days in 2016 when I couldn't get out of bed. I’ve felt such despair knowing life was happening all around me but I couldn’t participate. 
I had to miss my Summer DJ residency at my favorite Vegas spot, the Rehab pool at The Hard Rock Hotel. The fatigue was so severe that I could barely leave the house or drive. I was afraid to get up there in front of a crowd and go blank with brain fog. I had a bunch of spare photos that have enabled me to stay active on social media for the last six months. I’ve tried to keep a facade of normalcy while working to figure out what was going on with my body. Once I became allergic to almost every food, had intolerable pain, developed stomach issues and night sweats, I began to research. I found a holistic doctor (Dr. Farshid Rahbar) and was tested for everything. After I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and toxic mold, I posted about it on social media. I began to receive comments saying that my symptoms resembled "Breast Implant Illness." I found a Breast Implant Illness website and Facebook group with almost 3,000 members. My symptoms matched theirs.

Over time, implants (both silicone and saline) break down and wreck havoc on your body. The shell on silicone and saline implants is comprised of silicone and over 40 other toxic chemicals; tin, zinc, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, formaldehyde and talc to name a few. Your immune system is constantly fighting them, leaving you vulnerable to other illnesses. The estimated time frame for these bags to start falling apart is 8-10 years, although some people experience problems soon after implanting and some much later. Breast implant removal surgery is now the 10th most performed surgery in the United States. Breast implants aren’t as popular as they once were and I’m happy to see that.

I ex-planted with Dr Lu-Jean Feng on June 15th, 2016. I believe she is the best in the country at what she does. Instantly I noticed my neck and shoulder pain was gone and I could breathe much better. I know I won't feel 100% overnight. My implants took 8 years to make me this sick, so I know it will take time to feel better. I also have other illnesses to address, but with the toxic bags removed, my immune system can focus on what it needs to.
If you know anyone with implants (breast, buttock, or any other type) who hasn't felt well, (low thyroid, fibromyalgia, food intolerance, immune disorders, insomnia, fatigue, aches, pains, anxiety, brain fog) please let them know that Implant Illness is real and could be the problem. Many of my friends have implants. I worry for their health and hope that they, and everyone, can benefit from what I have experienced. Thank you, Crystal.

I am glad to see she has finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel. I respect Crystall for the fact that she was able to share her story and experiences in such honest details. The thing we dont realize about half the ladies we see looking hot on social media or on Tv is that they almost all have fake bodies. Fake boobs or fake butts and guess what, at some point they all battle similar problems. No one really comes to share their experiences or give honest accounts as to how this procedures are detrimental and life-threatening. Some people will say "get the best Beverly Hills Doctor". Honey! that still wouldn't stop all this things from happening to you, Crystal is married to Hugh Hefner and i'm sure if it was a matter or having the best care or treatment money can afford, to keep those boobs she would have. When it came down to choosing her life over beauty, she had to make the smart choice. Crystal's story already exhausts the length of my desired post and you know i dont like to keep you guys stuck on one thing for too long. I have a lot to say and i'll surely give my account on this tomorrow so DONT FORGET to check back. 

Crystal before the surgery. 

In the main time, i wish Crystal a speedy recovery and hope she gets herself back and remains healthy and happy with her body. In the grand scheme of things, we should all know, that a happy and healthy life is all that matters not looking pretty or feeling sexy on the outside and slowly dying on the inside, just to keep up appearances. Dont forget to share this, you might save some lady out there or help stop another from going under the knife. You are all beautiful and unique just the way you are. God doesn't make mistakes and he certainly didnt make a mistake in creating you. 

Ivy Marshall