I love America!!! They dont just call it the land of opportunities or the Land of the free and brave for nothing. America is full of brave people like Melania Trump, an aspiring first lady who has a PhD in plagiarism, and it is free country because some people just know how to make the best of free publicity. While the funniest meme's are still rolling in from Melissa's epic speech, someone else just got richer of that same speech...Only in America the land of opportunities! Keep reading to find out who...

Other than Steve Harvey's epic mistake at last years Miss Universe Competition (which is nothing compared to this), i have never see so many funny meme's in my life. The internet is crawling with them. Even though Melania Trump might never get to be first lady, she will definitely have a place in history. 

Unaware of how her day would go and how agitated the whole world would react to her plagiarized speech, Melania Trump made her way to the Republican National Convention looking angelic in a white Roksanda "Margot cotton and silk-blend dress" which retails at a whooping $2,190...very affordable for Mrs. Trump so no biggie. As a former model, Melania is known for her great sense of style and fashion, sources say she doesn't even have a stylist like most people would expect. She hand-picks her clothes and shops them herself and that was the case with this white Roksanda number she had on. 

Indeed it is every designers dream to have a person of her caliber wear one of your designs, let alone on such a memorable day. Roksanda (full name Roksanda Ilinčić, is a Serbian designer based in London), might have felt some butterflies in her tummy and given herself a pat on the back watching Melania strut unto the world stage in her outfit. What she definitely didnt expect, was the speech that followed afterwards. Its one thing for an aspiring first lady to wear your outfit, but it is another thing for her to break the internet world-wide in your design. After Melania's epic speech, you will be happy to know that the Roksanda dresses are SOLD OUT!!! Worldwide *massive grin* none, nada, finito, au revoir, bye bye to the Margot Cotton Dress! and Thank you to Meliana. 

The designer has definitely cashed-out. How do they say it again "One woman's misfortune is another woman's fortune" Just pray like Roksanda, your own woman is married to Trump who is worth billions *grin*

Roksanda's 'Margot' dress was sold exclusively at Net-a-porter (thanks to Melania, they are no more), a beautiful option for the modern bride. Crafted from a lustrous blend of ivory cotton and silk, it's designed with a nipped-in waist and dramatic bell sleeves in a contrasting basket-weave. Complete the elegant picture with gold accessories. You can check it out here, who knows it might come back in stock. 

Melania looking gorgeous in white as she waves her aspirations goodbye. 

What did you think about Meliana's speech, do you think its an act and the Trumps have a plan, you know how scheming those people are *raised brows* let's here your thoughts? 

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Ivy Marshall