Hey love bugs! You know how i like to round up my top make up looks for the week thus far right? Well this week, as promised last week, i wont just post pictures and leave Instagram handles of the geniuses behind each make up look, useful tips will be attached to this post henceforth. First let me share my make up experience with you all. Make up is as important to a woman as her fashion or any other beauty related affair, so its best we all get inspired together the right way. Keep reading.



When i first started applying make up, i felt a lot better because for one, i looked way prettier and felt more matured (i was just 17). It was that "i am now a big girl/welcome to the club feeling" and i loved it. Still, that wasn't the best part for me. The fact that make up helped conceal all my spots, because my face was a huge mess. Break-outs from every pore, acne, discoloration, rash to say the least... Watching them disappear under that extra layer of foundation was indeed the best feeling in the world. After doing that for years, i realized i was still not happy because when the make up came off, i didnt like the girl i saw in the mirror. Its starting becoming like wearing a mask every morning just to hide who i really was underneath. The funny thing was that i was still pretty but watching so many Make up guru's on YouTube, really helped my skills so i became really really good at applying my make up. So good the transformation was drastic!


In my campus hostel, my friends would tease me every night when the make up came off, i was unrecognizable. I couldn't randomly stroll out like one of my best friends Vanessa, who has the most flawless ebony skin and a full hair of brows ( i had nothing there lol). Ironically, she liked to apply make up, even though i didnt see the need for it, her face was flawless already. I would always tell her, if i had your brows or your smooth face, i would never draw my brows or do anything....i guess we cant have it all (darn you V!). The feeling went on and on. No random strolls, i couldn't wipe my make up off before hitting my public gym, i would work out and sweat on my heavily caked face and further block my pores (such ignorance). After a while, i noticed my face got worse, the pimples where doubling the bags got bigger, my brows got bigger, my eye make up got brighter...i was exploring a lot and turning my face into a canvas. 


The first reality check i got was sitting in my campus hostel corner and hearing my roommates batter a course-mate of theirs who never went anywhere without make up. They said she looked so horrible without make up she had no choice but to always show up made up even if it was 6. a.m. and they didnt blame her, because seeing her bare face was a more terrible choice for them. Ouch! In my head i'm thinking "someone somewhere would say exactly the same thing about me" was it that serious? "So people are this observant and care this much". I decided to risk it all one day and headed out to classes without any make make up on. It was one of those days i woke up feeling extra healthy and good with my inner woman so i was ready to face whatever came my way. The first friend who saw me, had a confused look on her face, the second thought i was terribly ill and when i stepped into the class hall, everyone concluded something was definitely wrong. The questions kept rolling in, whispering from all corners, some laughed, some where unbothered and some where just plain shocked to know that underneath the perfectly arched brows, i had nothing (i have very thin brow hair). 


That was my moment of epiphany, i told myself that by all means, i was going to work on my skin. After all, i had a lot of people around me who dont wear an ounce of make up and didnt have as much as a zit on their face. I set out to improve my look by getting a lot of consultations, reading a lot about the causes of Skin damages and i established a skin care routine which i never had or followed religiously. I'll share my skin care routine with you all in another post. I was more curious than ever, asking a lot of questions "this face must be flawless by force". After months of late night scrubbing and exfoliating using highly recommended products, i got rid of one or two zits but still i couldn't be found in the day light without make up. Sad right? Some day i would be the girl on Instagram people make jokes about when they see her pictures place side by side with a before and after tag...That would soon be my fate. When all i really wanted was the spot the difference tag on my made up picture and my natural face picture. 








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I'm continuing the rest of my very interesting Make Up journey on my next week's post. You know how i hate to fully exhaust you on my posts lol. I have a lot to share and you can learn a lot from my story and experiences. Learning how to do my make up myself, has been the best feeling ever, i walk out and get so many compliments and people just admire in awe (i'm not kidding). Still, there was no better feeling than knowing when i take the make up off, i didnt totally disappear. I am proud of how i helped myself and now, i go days without make up. I hit the streets, malls anywhere...i am now #teamunbothered. I haven't gotten to the flawless skin place yet but i'm sure with time ill have my face looking like a baby's butt. Please come back next week and continue this with me. Also, i'd love to hear your stories we can all learn a thing or two helping each other out. Dont forget to share this post.

Ivy Marshall