Hey love bugs! Last week, i kind of forgot to post my favorite Make Up looks of the week yikes! When i remembered the week was long over. So this week, i made an extra effort to keep my eyes open all week and compile all the best make up looks for your weekend beauty inspiration. Its Friday, before you ladies run wild into the weekend, be inspired by all the best Make Up looks of the week thus far. 






























So many stunning looks this week. I think the beauty inspiration should be much more than looking at the pictures and going back to see more pictures on their Instagram. We should be able to harness this guru's and learn a thing or two. After all, we need more talented and beautiful looking people in the world. I intend to do a lot more in terms of the make up section of the blog, you just have to wait and see. 

Dont forget to check back to the blog next week with juicy make up tips from one of our top make up guru's. Dont forget to share...i love to hearing back from all of you. 

Ivy Marshall 

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