As i continue to share my make up story (from last weeks post), be inspired by all my favorite Make Up looks of the week.

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I shared my story Last week (you can catch up here) on how i found and fell in love with Make up and became an expert (yes i see myself as an expert). I didnt have to go pay for professional lessons or register with any professional body. I simply just watched videos on YouTube, so i'm kind of a self-taught make up artist. I was psychotic with YouTube when i found out it provided a stream of guru's to learn from. I didnt have to move an inch or leave my bed, several clicks and i would get lost watching some of the best Guru's in the world. I always tell people, make up is art, if you really have an interest in learning the skill, just practice and over time, you will get better. Its really not rocket science.


I explained to you how my unrelenting love for make up and its application soon began to frustrate me because i realized it wasn't solving my immediate skin-care problems. I wanted above any other thing to have a flawless make-up free skin. I wanted to proudly and confidently take off my make up or wear it in public without being afraid of people laughing or shocked or judgmental. Dont get me wrong, i love make up...well obviously, i have a section of my blog dedicated to showing it off. I just didnt have a great skin underneath the make up, unlike many pretty girls i see out there. I know a lot of you ladies can relate to this. After all the consultations and the skin care products and the recommendations, i finally decided to give it a rest and keep up with my newly formulated skin care routine. 



I washed my face two to three times a day without any products, i had a special face-wipe for my face after washing it. I scrubbed my face at least 3 times a week, i exfoliated at least twice a month and i always applied a some moisturizer before going to bed at night. After doing that consistently for about 3 months, i started noticing some improvement. I continued in this same pattern which wasn't really anything too special, regular drug store products and nothing high-end. After about a year later, something really important happened at work on a Saturday morning and i found myself rushing out of my house to work first thing in the morning, it was urgent. It wasn't until i had gone through a meeting and was back to my office that i realized i had absolutely no make up on and no one even made a snarky comment or remark. Looking at my face through my iPhone camera, i kept thinking "my face has really improved, could this be me? surrounded by all my colleagues and not feeling slightly scared"! It wasn't until then i realized for the first time, my face had improved and i was ready to start rocking a more confident make up look. 


Everyone has a different make up story and what Make up has done for them. For me, finding make up help boost my already high confidence level as regards to appearance, it also made me realize i really had a damaged facial skin, which was as a result of not taking good care of it and not having adequate skin care and i really had to work on it. It also helped my gain my confidence as regard to not having make up on and nor feeling like the worst when i had worked on improving my skin. No one should be a prisoner to make up or feel like they have to wear it all day. It should come on and go off as easily as possible with no worries. The most important lessons i really wanted to pass from my make up story is (ill itemize them below). 


1. Everyone has a different skin type so you need to find what works for you and dont just go around using anything you think works for Mrs B like i initially did when i was desperate to find a solution to my acne. 

2. No make up/skin care product that is actually safe and wont damage your skin, works in a period of 7-10 days. A lot of people get mislead by "quick action", "Fast", "7 days cure" tags on the labels of beauty/skin care products. Nothing good works that fast. Your skin is a living tissue and just like other tissues and organs in your body, it responds with time to its immediate environment. When you introduce something new to it, it take sometime of adjustment/getting used-to before the effects start to show. So most times, you have to wait-it-out like i did. Dont be fooled by name tags that insinuate a speedy delivery. Like i said after a year, of consistently having a routine, i noticed a drastic change in my face.



3. If you have a great skin, you are lucky!!! Maintain your skin and dont introduce too much unnecessary products. Also, make up application is best on good skins so...have a blast and rock your make up anytime you feel like. 

4. Application of make up doesn't damage the skin, what causes harm or damage, is applying something your skin prohibits or terrible skin care. You cant wear make up all day and block your sweat pores with primers and expect not to break out. The pores on your skin are there for a purpose (aeration), when they dont work because of your own attitude towards them, expect a negative effect. Make up has nothing to do with it. 

















Make up is a great way to express yourself and also boost your ego. If there is one thing i enjoy, it has to be the feeling i get when i'm done from the mirror and step back and take a good look at myself. Make up surely boost ego's so have fun while applying it. Still, remember to take care of your skin as it is of more importance. 

I'll be keeping you informed with more stories and more experiences from various people. Who had your best make up look of the week? Wanna Share...leave your thoughts down below.

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