Words might never be enough to describe how talented Waje Iruobe is. She is Nigeria's Power house Songstress, the queen of soul and indeed a Virtuoso. Playing one of the four judges on the first season of "The Voice Nigeria", millions of people all across Africa tuned-in, in anticipation of a good show but, Waje and her fellow judges have given us a great show. Also, we might have tuned in for the music but it was Waje's back to back fashion hits that got me amazed. She has never looked better on screen. Sadly, the show ends tomorrow but not without me rounding up the best looks from Waje so far. See them after the cut. 

There are a lot of musical shows across Africa but none of them have been as high-definition (in terms of production and quality) as The Voice. The show brought out the most amazing talents, i was always covered in goosebumps, watching the contestants perform and  it also showed us a different side of our Nigerian Musicians who played judges. Tu-face definitely cracked me up, Patoranking always left me bumped whenever he spoke (he speaks nothing like his raggaeton music) and was the clown of the show. Timi Dakolo was well, i expected him to be a music maestro and show a lot of passion. Waje!!! might have been the only lady on the judges chair but she out-shined all of them. She knows her onions and i'm not just speaking about when she opens her mouth. She is well read in music and is equally talented. Also, she had the best wardrobe and make up all through out the show (well it hasn't ended). With her, every outfit was a hit back to back!!!
Now i am done analyzing the show, i should move on to the business of the day...Here are my picks for Waje top 5 looks on the voice.  

Waje surrounded by her fellow Judges. (from the left) Two-face Idibia, Timi Dakolo and Patoranking. 


Waje was bodacious in this black and gold studded long-sleeve bodycon dress. As you can see, Waje is a curvy girl or should i say is a typical African woman (like me) and has all the natural assets in the right places. Not everyone would pull off a bandage bodycon dress that form-fitted on TV trust me. When it comes to being on TV everything blows up. They say you gain pounds on screen, not Waje! She sizzled on screen in this dress, pairing it with a pair of matching black sandals and rocked her signature hair do and had on a red pout. 


Waje is a super-woman with a super voice. She shined yet again on screen. This time, Waje rocked a cape. I fell in love with capes since Lupita Nyong'o walked on that Oscar red carpet in that red glorious Ralph Lauren cape gown at the 2014 Oscar Awards lol (that was a moment in fashion). Generally, i think capes are classy and they just give you this modern sophisticated look. Waje sure is sophisticated with her fashion, she is on of the few people in Africa that maintains a respectable and beautiful look and i respect that about her (cant be out there showing extra extra like this lil kids lol). 

She paired her beautiful red cape jacket with a white mini dress and some silver heels. Stunning right? 


Definitely one of my best looks from Waje! I think it was after seeing her here i became interested in watching the show lol. Waje was so on trend all through out the show. Just when the "fringe outfits" started making a splash back on the fashion scenes, Waje was already fabulously rocking this military inspired sequence embellished fringe top and classic white pants, which she anchored with a pair of silver and black pointed shoes. Doesn't she look so good? 

Of course Waje wasn't all about the fashion, she was there for the talent. She had a great team and they gave us some pretty wow moments under her mentorship. Even though i think she lost her winning ticket already. She kicked out one of my favorites and her best girls a while back :(


Like i said earlier, Waje always wears a respectable look. You know when they say dress the way you want to be addressed? Well i assume she gets a lot of respect with the way she looks. She would wear a long-sleeve bodycon dress and still be sexy without showing a hint of skin. This baby pink off-shoulder belted wrap dress was also a favorite of mine. She looked really good, these pictures dont do her any justice trust me. 

She paired her light pink bodycon dress with some bright pink court shoes and rocked some dropping earrings with her signature "Waje" hair do. 


My top look from Waje so far has been this black on black sheer lace top which she paired with a belted black leather skirt and some black pointed heels. So chic! Unfortunately, i could watch or stream it live so i was so mad! Thank God for the internet and social media, i still got to see how gorgeous she looked. She is a superstar and she knows how to dress the part, effortlessly. 

Those are my top 5 looks from the African R& B diva Waje Iruobe. As much i'm celebrating Waje for her amazing style on "The Voice", i cannot forget to acknowledge the amazing talent behind all her looks. You know what they say, behind every gorgeous woman is an even more creative stylist and make-up artist. Her stylist and make-up artist Tolani of (@artistry_by_tolani) did an amazing job all through out the show, and i cant wait to see what they have lined up for tomorrows Grande Finale. Most African ladies dont know the importance of having a great stylist, i cannot over-emphasize that enough. Surely, we are not where we want to be yet in terms of fashion, production, budget and all that but the more Africa continues to grow, the more things get done more professionally. Still, i'm just going to keep celebrating all its talent regardless. 

Looking good is great for business, your words might be forgotten but your outfits are always remembered. So always dress for success- Ivy Marshall 

What do you think about Waje Iruobe's style and The First ever edition of "The Voice" in Nigeria (and the whole of Africa). Its has been a great show, which indeed showcased so many amazing talents in Nigeria and i definitely i cant wait to see how it ends. 

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Ivy Marshall 

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