If there is one thing i know Rihanna for, it surely has to be the fact that the singer doesn't think twice about breaking the bank on a splurge and that she also loves her Gucci!. The singer was spotted shopping at the Gucci store in Milan, with the size of her bank account *raised brow* you can imagine the splurge she made. Still, i'm not here to talk piggy bank or not...I'm more interested in the Dolce and Gabbana Green stripe dress she wore and the enviable Gucci Merch. See more pictures after the cut.

Rihanna hit the Gucci store for a day of shopping. For her outfit, the singer slipped into a green and white Dolce & Gabanna Stripe shirt dress. The dress is from the brands 2016 collection and retails at £2496 and is constantly sold out. When i mean sold out, i mean its not available anywhere lol. You can get alternative dresses from D&G by clicking here

 She paired her dress with her favorite pair of Finnlay leather high boots. For $ 1,990 you can snag this boots for yourself by clicking here

Same ones she wore two months ago. She looks so cute here. Her V-neck lace dress is Gucci also. 

 I'm also guessing the black dude doesn't work at Gucci so he is probably on Rihanna's team and she might be about to splurge on the Gucci Web & Snake leather messenger tote. It is a men's messenger bag and you can shop it here

Rihanna seems to be a big fan of the Gucci Men's bag. She also spied the Gucci Web Animalier GG Supreme tote with bee embroidery and for a whooping £ 1,470 you can get it here. Gucci have truly out-done themselves with their recent collection...everything they have now is to-die-for. 

 Rihanna was also spotted out in Nice before the recent disaster (my heart goes out to them). 

 For her night out, the singer donned a white stripe crop top and matching wide leg pants. Also the fashionista this one. 

What do you think about Rihanna's style, you like? Leave your thoughts...i'd love to hear from you. 

Ivy Marshall