I used to say Keeping up with the Jones-es but i'm not sure they have over one hundred million dollars in combined wealth, so i now say Keeping up with the Carters lol. In their most recent sightings, Beyonce and her family were spotted yachting-off to Cote d'Azure for some serenity. See more pictures after the cut. 

I remember watching Beyonce on an interview with Oprah Winfrey saying they (her and her husband at that time) loved yachting because it secluded them from the world and all the noise. They could be in peace in the middle of the ocean and relax. Well, they are worth over a hundred million and more so they can afford it. Still, i dont blame her, admits all the screaming and shouting on her World Tour, who wouldn't need some serenity. She is still currently in Europe admits her World Tour. 


Beyonce and her mini bee and Jay-z were spotted in Nice, France and now they cute family are heading to  Cote d'Azure; which is a the French Riviera in the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France, home to all the glamorous Island and luxury beach resorts. hmm life on the fab lane!!! good for them. 

For her Bikini ready day, Beyonce slipped into the Zimmerman black cut-out bikini.

The bikini retailed at £282 and thanks to Beyonce and the likes, its already sold-out!!! You can find alternative Zimmerman bikini's and beach-wears here.

Cute little blue was also on the scene rocking her two-piece and yes, its not Gucci. 

While waiting for their taxi. 

 If you eer wondered why she has so many Vacation pictures on her documentaries, then wonder no more. Beyonce's hand is always strapped to a camera.

 Jay-z looked carried Blue while looking clad in a white base-ball hat and longsleeve which he paired with some beach shorts. 

 Welcome to the good life (in T-pains voice). 

Oh least the Carters are not an idiomatic expression like the Joneses. What do you think? 

Ivy Marshall 

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