These two are so cute! They are giving me life with their synchronized mummy and me matching outfits. Beyonce is currently in Europe for the second leg of her Formation World Tour. She and her daughter Blue looked simply adorable as they pose in a front view of the Eiffel tower in Paris. Blue Ivy might just be four-years-old but the mini Carter has been in more countries than most of us and has more expensive clothes than most babies i know lol. Guess those are the perks of being a Hollywood Royalty. See more pictures plus their outfit details after the cut. 

In their Latest Fashion escapades, Beyonce and her 4 year-old light up the gram looking stunning and fashion forward in their Gucci ensembles. Gucci better name a collection after the carters already! Its not everyday you get a mega super-star like Beyonce and Blue Ivy;m the most watched baby in America rocking your ensembles back to back. Just last week we saw Blue sport the most adorable pink Gucci outfit. If you didnt see it on the blog, no worries just click here and catch up. 

Beyonce looks better every time i see her, what is in her water? For her outfit of the day, the fashion Icon slipped into the  $2,700 Gucci Rose Print Silk Flower Dress which she accessorized with a black flowered rose at the neck. 

Her outfit features some roses and bees on its print (i just saw that...ohh i see you Bee-yonce!) The floral print is now a common theme seen throughout Alessandro Michele's collections. The sleeves on this straight-fit dress have wrapped ruffles and ruffled placket under the collar. You too can snag this number by shopping them here

Blue Ivy is also Gucci ready. Her dress is dress is also from Gucci kids (i am beginning to think Gucci just makes this dresses for the Carters *raised brow*). Her dress is the Gucci's children roses and bee's dress. It retails for $655 and you can shop it here.

The dress features a light blue cotton muslin with roses and bees print. So cute!

The high spirited pair seem to be enjoying their day. Beyonce paired her outfit with some pink heels and Blue's pink sandals matched her mama's.  

 Beyonce is serving face and body goals for the camera. 

 Mr. and Mrs Carter spotted in what seems to be a Kitchen (maybe one of their secret exist routes; ignore me i'm psychotic when it comes to these two). 

Oh my gad!!! Darn Bey! For those people who argue about Beyonce being awarded a Fashion Icon can you disappear off the surface of the earth now! She looked completely beautiful as she posed sea-side with her mini bee (who is fiddling away like a normal 4-year-old). For her outfit, Beyonce again killed it in a Emilio Pucci *exhales* 

Her outfit is the Emilio Pucci Silk Cactus Flower Set. The Pajama shirt retails at $1,580 and you can shop it here.

The matching silk Pajama pants go for $1,720 and you can get it here. You are highly welcome!

 The King and his Queen are currently doing what they do best; Relaxing and Lavishing! That is before they continue doing the other thing they do best which is making billions and magic music. 

 This is the life! 

Lorraine Schwartz sorta dude, its big ballin baby when i'm courting you... ( i know my rap lines...or should i say i know Jay-z's rap lines lol).

 The Billion dollar couple enjoyed a day of sailing at Lake Como. 

 When i see these two, i a so inspired! Inspired to work hard and build an empire and surround myself with love. I am not one of those people who pointlessly say #goals lol you shouldn't too cus half of the people you say #goals too have a horse-load of problems bigger than yours lol.

Oh look! Jay-z is diligently taking photos of his beautiful wife (as expected). Most ladies cane even get a man to open their drink or a door. Life! 

Its back to formation!!!The tour continues. 

Beyonce and Jay-z and Blue are really the most adorable inspiring couple. What do you think? You have to agree with me, they live a pretty impressive life. Lets here your thoughts? In the main time...

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