Alright people lets keep this day rolling. Its another round of HIT or MISS and this time, it features new mummy Sodraya Michelle.

Sodraya Michelle is still very much basking in the euphoria of her ultimate post-baby body snap-back hit, as she has been seeing showing off her banging body at every slight opportunity she gets.
She was spied making rounds in LA; from the gas station to the grocery shop looking make up free. Her outfit of the day featured a channel double-hand tote with a blue Art-dept clothing "Remmie" Tunic, paired with some very short denim shorts and grey heels. What do you think about this look, is it a HIT or a MISS?

When you put in this much effort to look good after your second baby, then i guess you can flaunt it. Its almost summer and the weather is heating up so i guess Draya can work around in those skimpy short briefs. I'm not going to say its a HIT simply because i've seen draya look better with clothes on and i dont think its so appropriate to make her rounds looking like she needs so much attention with her butt cheeks out. So i'm going to let this look slide with no thoughts. 

What do you think, HIT, MISS or EXTRA? Lets know your thoughts...

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Ivy Marshall 

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