Another day another look from Rita Ora. The 25-year-old British pop-star has been very busy lately, filming the new season of America's Next Top Model in New York. She has managed to keep us very interested with her recurring fashion statements. In her latest sighting, Rita took to the streets of Manhattan, channeling her inner Latina in a Flamenco inspired look. Its pretty obvious Rita Ora likes to play dress-up and loves her fashion. After the season ends, she should just go ahead and forge a new career in the fashion world (my thoughts). See more pictures and details of her outfit below. 

 Today its long and ethnic, tomorrow its skimpy and revealing and the day after its an explosion of colors. We've pretty much seen her do and undo with her fashion this past few days. Still, i must commend her for being unpredictable with her fashion choices, (no one saw this coming) and because playing dress up on a grande scale, requires a whole lot of commitment and work. I wonder if she would rock an African look? I'll throw it out there and hope she hears.

Rita is such a beauty!!! For her outfit choice today, Rita donned a classy Flamenco inspired floral maxi dress, which she paired with a black heel and some flower petals stuck in her hair lol. Like i said dressing-up also requires a lot of work. Imagine her walking around with those flowers all day and attracting all the attractables, Insects et al (not like she would, just imagine).

What do you think of Rita's latest look people, do you think its a HIT or  MISS?! Lately, i have been asking the most rhetorical questions lol. I think Rita looks beyond gorgeous, this is the best I've seen her all through her stay in NYC. The best and the most modest. Her outfit, the roses and her make up are all on point. #Nailedit. I dont know where her Flamenco dress is from, but I've taken it upon myself to give you some actual similar outfit suggestions on how you too can step out in style. Check them out below. 

 This the Asos Floral Ruffle Top Maxi Dress and you can wear it in the daytime that is, if you re looking to cause a stare lol or at night. You can pair it with some black heels like the model have on here or any brighter color just dont do white. It retails at £45.00 and you can shop it by clicking here.

This i really like, its the River Island Button Through Maxi Floral Dress, very chic and very appropriate for an easy day time look. You can pair it with some nice black heels like she did an you will be good to go. It retails at £38.00 and you can get it here

For those of you sexy ladies who like to show extra skin, this is a sexy halter floral Maxi dress. Note! Skin and not back boobs (straight face) that's a terrible fashion faux-pas. The dress is the Raga Feeling Floral Halter Maxi Dress which used to be £165.00 but now costs £70.00. You can get it here

 Now to the big dogs who dont like it affordable lol. This beautiful number is the Balenciaga Floral-print crepe maxi dress, It retails for £1,615 and you can get it here.

If you want to rock a more modest look like Rita, this long-sleeve number would do just fine. It is the Sportmax Code Amour Maxi Long Sleeve Contrast Floral Dress which you can get here for £170.00.

There you have it, alternatives on Rita's HIT Flamenco inspired style. Her look here is priceless! Such a beauty. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts. In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall 

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