They say fashion is a way of expressing one's self without having to speak. This was clearly the case of Rita Ora. The 25-year-old British beauty, stepped out of her apartment in New York, wearing a very expressive jacket. Captioned "MAY THE BRIDGES I BURN LIGHT THE WAY" hmm. Do you want to find out what it means and where to get her outfit? Keep reading...more after the cut. 

If you are curious to know what the analogy on her over-sized sweater means, you definitely have come to the right place *massive grin*. Thankfully, i am a very well read person (i am allowed to brag right? hehe)...or maybe i should simply say the first time i heard these words (watching the original 90210), i was as curious as you are right now. Simply put, it means "may i learn from my past mistakes" or if you want a more complex explanation, "burnt bridges" means severed past mistakes and you know what the rest part means so putting them together it simply goes...may the lesson i learnt from my past mistakes (relationship's/break-up's)  help lead me to a better place (i also was a literature student lol) Okay i'm sorry, back to fashion! This is a fashion blog after all.

Rita stepped out of her Apartment in NYC rocking the Vetements Over-sized cotton sweater which you can get here for £560. She paired her pricey sweater with some sock jersey ankle boots also from the brand. The boots retails for £453 and you can get them here at Net-a-Porter. Rita sure knows how to splurge. So people, what do you think about Rita's entire look? is it a HIT or a MISS? 

Personally, i am just happy to see Rita fully clothed today (exhausted). I'm not a fan on the sock ankle boots but a lot of people seem to like them so hey! Its not a HIT in my Books but i clearly cant call it a MISS.

Clear-heeled shoes have been a huge trend this year and they still are. Expect to see them all year long. If you didn't get to see my earlier post on clear-heeled shoes, you can click here. The clear-heeled shoes are everywhere and so many brands now have them in various designs. You dont have to spend big-bucks like Rita to get in line with this trend. My very best place to shop for clear-heeled shoes (to shop and to stalk) has to be at Public Desire. They have a variety of clear-heeled shoes among others. 

 This nude babies which i personally love are available on the site and they go for just £29.99 you can click here to shop them.

These glitter ankle boots, i am definitely adding to my collection, only cost £44.99 and you can shop them here and thank me later. 

Like i always say ladies, you dont have to break the bank to look good. At least not always! Besides i am always here to keep you up-to-date and inspired so keep coming back. 

What do you think about Rita's street style and would you be gettin yourself some clear-heels. Let me know, i always always love hearing back from you. 

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