Rita Ora stepped out on the streets of NYC today in a silver mini chain metal dress. The 25-year-old British pop star Rita Ora, is rumored to be replacing Tyra Banks on the set of America's Next Top Model, so between shooting and disturbing the fashion streets with more raunchy looks, expect to see more of her.

If there is one thing Rita Ora is known for, it would be her dramatic looks. Dramatic and unpredictable! One minute she is sporty in sneakers and the next she is in chain metal. She hit the streets of NYC today, where she was sported at Soho in a skimpy chain metal dress showing off her extra long and slender legs. The singer paired her dress with matching silver sandals and rocked her signature blonde hair, let down in a middle part. 

Its been so long since i saw a dress that short really and i am not even exaggerating. For the sake of my very large and diverse readers (whom i completely love and respect *massive grin*) I'll ask...what do you think of Rita's outfit for today, is it a Hit or a Miss? Now continue reading for my two cents.


Rita is a very pretty lady and can totally rock any look, perfectly! But this outfit is particularly too risqué for me and also for Rita. She definitely would have averted several epic wardrobe disasters today with this look, simply because its too skimpy. Dont get me wrong i'm all for feeling sexy and flaunting your body how ever you deem right but this look for daytime screams EXTRA! EXTRA!! (say that with a little newspaper vendors voice...that's how i said it lmao)   Too skimpy and too risky. So for me i think this look is a MISS!!

Like i said it was a very risqué look and Rita nearly suffered a wardrobe malfunction while coming down from her car. And i'm guessing this was one of many. Well, i guess this is the price you have to pay for putting fashion over comfort. Ladies, please try to find a balance between feeling good and comfortable as opposed to wearing clothes for the moment and not considering other important factors like your comfort. 

What are your thoughts, do you love this look on Rita or do yoy Loathe it. Would you manage a risqué look like this all for the sake of being fashionable... I'd love to hear from you so leave your comments down below. 

Ivy Marshall