Another day, another dramatic sighting. 41-year-old Mel B recently shared her secret to loosing over 30 pounds was due to an intensive work-out regime. Still, she couldn't wait to show the results and her new slimmed-down figure. She attended the Maxim Hot 100 in Hollywood, showing way more than her new svelte figure. See more pictures after the cut. 

Mel B matched the red carpet and drapes, at the Maxim Hot 100 party yesterday in Hollywood, sporting a very risque look which showed more than her post-work out body and her legs in a waist-high slit long-sleeve wrap round dress. She paired her outfit with a gold clutch and some nude heels. Her hair and make up on point as expected. 

She posed with her Husband and producer, Stephen Belafonte, who didnt seem to mind how his spice-wife looked. Of course who would mind, its Hollywood! Still, i have to ask ya'll. What do you think about this look on the former Spice girl, Is it a HIT or a MISS?! Keep reading for my thoughts. 

Before i sound off, her red hot dress is from designer Bishime R. Cromatie Fall 2016 collection.

The Baltimore-born designer is very talented and i was more than impressed with his designs. Although I've barely ever heard of him...but he is definitely one to look out for. See more of his designs here

She looks so gorgeous, she always does. Mel B is known for her very hot body, and she didnt look any less hot 30 pounds heavier to me. Although, a woman should be allowed to do whatever she wishes to with her body. She felt like she needed to drop some pounds, cool! But, i'm not a fan of this look, too revealing...This is something you would see on Bella Hadid or Kendall not Mel. I couldn't imagine any of her peers wearing this now on any red carpet, could you? (think Porsh). Mel is the hottest on any red carpet even without showing too much skin. 

Mel has always been and will always be the Hottest spice girl, she didnt need to remind us how sexy she could get even at the Maxim Hot 100. Too risque! I could think of 1000 ways to end Mel's career looking at her dress lol. The wind, she could get caught in something, she could take her eye off for a minute and her girls would be on full display without her knowing....so many! Thank God the night went safely...i can imagine the level of carefulness all night, instead of enjoying herself freely.

 Still, i cant call this a MISS because she looks really pretty so i'm just going to leave you all to decide for yourselves. 

 Mel B's work out pictures...Inspired?! She looks so good. 41 never looked any more fit 

With her post-weight loss body looking this great, its a miracle she didnt hit the red carpet without clothes...I guess this is where all the guts and confidence came from...She looks great!

What do you think, i'd love to hear your thoughts...so feel free to leave them. In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall 

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