House of CB has had a very amazing week in the fashion scenes. Their clothes were spotted on so many people i was beginning to think they had a buy one get one free sale. It just turned out that their new designs are so fabulous and everyone wants a piece of them. Speaking of everyone, in her most recent sighting, Black Chyna was spotted rocking the House of CB Champagne Velvet Thigh split dress. See more after the cut.

I dont know if the brand makes maternity sizes, but Black Chyna aka soon to be Mrs. Kardashian didnt care when she stepped into this piece and hit the streets of Los Angeles. She is clearly not willing to sacrifice her body-hugging dresses for a maternity look or her comfort. She looks so uncomfortable in that outfit or is just me. She looks like she is choking there lol. oh dear!...Fashion! 

 Her dress is the House of CB "Satina" grey velvet thigh-slit dress and it retails at £109.00 and you can get it here.

 So what do you think about Chyna's look today, is it a HIT or a MISS? Scroll down for my thoughts. 

Personally i am happy she has on some flip flops for health reasons because she looks really really uncomfortable. How did she fit into that dress in the first place. Rob? Is that why he is shedding the pounds faster this days, because if he had to go through the torture of putting her in this tight clothes everyday, he would be skinny before the end of summer lmao! Do i think its a HIT hell no! Her maternity style has been 40/60 and this just took it back to 30. Its a huge MISS for me not because she doesnt look pretty, but because she looks uncomfortable and is showing curves we dont need to see. 

So i didnt want to compare this look on the both of them, knowing Kylie already rocked this look but...when you are a heavily pregnant lady who walks around in a formed fitted. god-knows what size of dress looking uncomfortable all for fashion, your ass can be dragged to the public lol. Who rocked it better? Ignore the rhetoric KYLIE DID!  

What do you think of this look on Blac Chyna, do you like or do you think she should have a more comfortable maternity style and leave the thigh-baring to Kylie? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Ivy Marshall 

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