Nothing made my night end more beautifully, than seeing Lupita pose in all graciousness as one of the new face of mega jewelry line, Tiffany & Co. The Ebony beauty continues to score big and push boundaries for black ladies all across the globe. From her big Oscar moment, to being recognized by international beauty lines and now being picked as one of the faces of renowned jewelry line Tiffany & Co. Lupita is truly inspirational. Dont ever doubt the influence of star power and self-confidence, it will take you places your beauty might not.

Tiffany was founded in 1837 and since its inception, it has  never used a celebrity in an ad campaign before, according to Business of Fashion. (Audrey Hepburn doesn’t count, even though Breakfast At Tiffany’s made her the Tiffany & Co. girl.). Now, their new campaign features Nyong’o, as well as actress Elle Fanning and models Christy Turlington and Natalie Westling.
The 179-year-old Jewelry company, Tiffany and Co., one of America’s only heritage luxury houses are looking to reshape its image. Hence they implied the talent of Grace Coddington who was formerly Vogue's creative director but now works for Tiffany & Co. as a creative partner. She cast the stars for the campaign and hand-picked their pictures herself. The images were photographed by famous fashion photographer David Sims.

The series of images shows the leading ladies posing in front of a signature Tiffany-blue backdrop along with the simple slogan, “Some style is legendary.”

Reading Grace Coddington's interview with Business Fashion, she says “I’m also known not to like celebrities very much,” Coddington laughed. The goal, instead, was to “find people who are beyond the average celebrity,” she says. “They have to have more to them.” . The Cheif Executive at Tiffany's also added  his interview,  "My real mission for our company is to re-energize our spirit. We are perceived as a very classic brand and we need to regain a little bit of an edge". Seems like everybody is re-branding and Tiffany's are not trying to be left out. 

Tiffany's has also been suffering some set-back's business wise, both domestically and in its international markets like Asia which is its most promising market. In Asia, Tiffany has faced the same problems as its competitors: the strength of the dollar, the tightening of anti-corruption laws in China, which has affected gifting, and the general slowdown of the luxury market. “While the brand is still held in high regard (in Asia), we have seen a slowdown internationally in terms of luxury expenditures, and that has affect Tiffany’s numbers in the past year,” says Neil Saunders, managing director of the Conlumino Group, a retail research agency and consulting firm. “This certainly has put the break on Tiffany expanding in those regions.” Domestically, the strong dollar has also affected tourist traffic, but there are deeper issues at play. “The brand has lost at lot of traction with American consumers; it doesn’t have the shine it once did,” he adds. “Younger consumers have migrated away from it.”

"Young people from the West don’t believe the future is going to be better. If you ask the same question from people in the East, you will get the opposite answer" 

Tiffany sure have a lot on their plate and i hope this recent campaign amongst other things, help them re-trace their steps. You can read a detailed story of their business plan here on Business of Fashion.
I am very proud of these ladies for being selected as the first ever faces of Tiffany and for their new re-branding campaign, most especially for Lupita N'yongo. She continues to prove that her confidence and uniqueness are the most important things really as opposed to being black or dark-skinned. 

We can all be inspired by Lupita to believe more in ourselves and always be self-confident. Good things would come your just have to know in your heart and your head that you are good enough and uniquely created to look and be a particular way. 

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Ivy Marshall

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