Hey love bugs! Hope your day is going smoothly? So i'm back here today, to share very candid information with you all so please listen and let it digest. It is basic knowledge that as of today, most of the very successful people we see around us, are  not people who made their money from opening Science textbooks or sitting all day behind an office desk. Dont get me wrong (those of you reading from behind your desk), sitting at your desk is not a bad thing, what is important is what you spend your time doing behind your desk. Are you being creative with your time or are you waiting for something creative to pass your way, only so you applaud and relax back on your comfortable chair? They say, "if you want to win a lottery, you first have to make the money to buy the ticket". Can you afford your ticket right away? or do you have to wait for days before you can buy one. Keep reading.

As the world of fashion and beauty fastly evolves, talent and creativity is not being left behind. I see a lot of people on a daily basis springing up with new ideas and new ways to stay relevant and make more money. Some crazy and some mind-blowing! Which ever it is, the world of social media now embraces all sorts of ideas so expect people to do the most. I might not have gotten to my point yet, but what i'm trying to buttress is that, we all need to get creative. Find whatever it is you are good at and start to explore the possible opportunities. Everyone is turning their creativity into cash at their own convenience, so why should you be left behind...get up and get to work.

Now to the business of the day. If you are active on social media (of course you are), you probably would have seen a lot of this fashion illustrations above. They are everywhere as a matter of fact. This art geniuses are able to creatively replicate pictures of virtually anything. From your favorite clothing; that is for designers...to your favorite selfie, your favorite celebrity or even your favorite group of girls who are about to hit the town. These fashion illustrations are very cool trust me, very appealing and everyone loves them. I'm one to talk, clearly judging from how my blog looks you should know that i am a huge fan. 

Now, you know how cool these illustrations are and how creative these artists are getting. Gone are the days where you had to paint a canvas with a brush and wait for some art-oriented person to come and squint at them, pick out the flaws or applaud them and still remind you that you are not Picasso baby! (say that in Jay-z's voice). Or the days you had to show your clothing designs with the most awful caricature all in the name of art and fashion. Modern day fashion illustrators are artist's also, they just might not have to go through that stress of painting on canvases or having expensive exhibitions or awful and unappealing fashion sketches. Thanks to social media, they have a readily available market and following. So all they primarily need to do, is wow us with their pictures and creativity and more people will come running. So now you are eager to know "how do they make their money"? 

Well it all depends on your social media popularity/status. The more creative you are, the more popular you become, its just like every other thing on Instagram or other social media platforms. The very popular art illustrators charge up to $1000 per illustration (i'm not even kidding you) and the more affordable ones (they are all affordable depends on the size your wallet and how much you are willing to splurge) could go for a prince range between $250 - $500 dollars depending on the service that has to be rendered. And others could go for a whole lot more, these are just the figures i am positively aware of. But for talent and creativity, which improves with practice and experience, that is a pretty good daily or weekly cheque. Right?! If you are an artist or a fashion enthusiast, you better get to sharpening those skills and get to work, you might not be as good as these popular lots out here, but with dedication an practice, you will get there some day. 

The same thing applies to every other artistic or creative area you find yourself. You could be a make up artist or a designer or a stylist. What would make you stand out from others is your ability to express your creative thoughts. Most people dont get persuaded until you are able to put down your thoughts on a piece off paper, so imagine if you could blow their minds with such impeccable sketches. You will be like honey to a bee. Before i sign out or get to the conclusion of this write-up, what kind of informative lifestyle blogger would i be if i didn't tell you the geniuses behind all this inspiration. Very quickly, i'll introduce you to some of my very best illustrators on Instagram and across the globe. 


I have to pay homage and give all credit to the young genius who changed the world of illustration at large. He is the 24-year-old British genius who has drawn for the likes of Kim Kardashian and her family, Naomi Campbell, Rihanna...Riri loved his drawing so much she used it as her twitter display picture and flew him out to meet her on Tour at the London o2 Arena. He partnered with Kate Moss and Revlon for the Idol eyes collection in 2014. From starting out drawing Disney characters at the age of 3 to sketching some of the worlds famous people who acknowledge him, Hayden is a boss!

Did i forget to add that Rihanna was not his catapult into the lime-light, she drew for the big O! by O i mean Oprah Winfrey. When you draw for Oprah and she is blushing about your drawing, you know that success is the only story in your future. Since then, he has continued to dominate his field and i must say he is doing pretty great for a 24-year-old. You can check out his collections, follow him via his Instagram here


One of my personal favorites. Miss Peniel Enchill; A ghanian, Uk-based Fashion Illustrator (of course you know how creative we Africans are) she is the creative director and owner of the Peniel Enchill brand. From an early age, she nurtured a natural talent in art, drawing all things fashion and now she is a free-lance Fashion Illustrator. 

She specialises in fashion and lifestyle illustrations with particular grounding on her West African culture and heritage. She believes there isn’t enough positivity in the media and the fashion industry concerning her ethnicity and women of color and therefore plans to make an impact with one sketch at a time. She shares my views on showcasing more of Africa. You see great minds think alike! Peniel has and continues to work with top African brands and Fashion Houses all across Africa. 

You can check out her website here or follow her via Instagram here


Okhai is my newest and favorite Nigerian Illustrator. Born Akhigbe Okhai, the creative genius is a native of Edo state in Nigeria.  A graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Building Technology from Covenant University, he is a self-taught fashion illustrator. Formerly an apparel designer; that is he used to design for fashion houses and individuals, but decided to go into fashion illustration fully in 2015.

I stumbled across him via his Instagram and i was totally amazed to see how much of a genius he was and very happy to know he was Nigerian (i wont even lie). With very distinctive and colorful drawings, the Nigerian-based Illustrator has managed to make his unique drawings stand out. He credits his inspiration, to a lot of different things; fashion shows, editorials, people, art (visual and abstract), photography, the list goes on. Growing up, he lived among fashionable people. in one of his recent interviews he said "I really began to have interest in fashion after secondary school. I had a neighbor then who worked in a fashion house, he designed the coolest outfits and I was like I want to do this too". That was how it all started.

Undoubtedly one of the best illustrators to come out of Nigeria (for now), Okhai has worked along side most of the country's big names in the fashion and entertainment industry. From notable Nigerian designers like Toju Foyeh, fashion personality Noble Igwe and collaborating with Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week and most recently, Okhai is already dominating naija with his talent. i am very excited to see what the future hold for this genius and i am totally rooting for him #TeamEdo

 You too can keep up with him via his Instagram by clicking here

My long list of Illustrators goes on and on, but for the sake of not boring you all to death, ill just drop their handles so you can go ahead and check them out yourself. 

Celebrity Fashion Illustrator Megan Hess @megan_hessofficial
Nadia from Russia @nadiacoolrista 
Katie Rodgers from NYC @paperfashion
Lena Ker from Russia @Lenaker
and lastly, the beautiful Jessica Durant @jessillustrator  (www.jessicadurant.com)

That was one long ass post right? Well i'm all about sharing my knowledge exhaustively and keeping you all inspired. So now you know that there is a world out here for people this creative right? We cant afford to lack creative people in the world, so there is a constant demand for more and more of them. As of today, we are in an era were work culture no longer caters enough for our unending daily needs and insatiable wants and cannot promise or assure us of the job security and loyalty that were promised to earlier generations. This is basic knowledge! So, its high time we all put our creativity to work and make a living while doing something that makes us happy and puts a smile on someone else's face. Hope this leaves you Inspired.

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