We all know how fashionable Eva Longoria is, whether she is on-screen blowing our minds with her petite beauty and making us cringe with laughter or she is gracing the red carpets and looking like only the finest wine that gets better with age or she is out and about casually strutting the streets looking effortless, Eva Longoria is a favorite and her sense of style is flawless. Now, we all have a chance to dress up looking like the starlet. She debut her latest collection of clothes with Fashion Brand The Limited and i must say, they are stunning. See more of it after the cut. 

Its no secret that celebrities all across the globe are making an impact in the world of fashion. Teaming up with Fashion Houses and Brands to bring you collections and designs inspired by them and their love for fashion and beauty. Well, Eva Longoria Baston is the most recent to join the celebrity Fashion Business. She arrived in NYC for the Launching of her debut collaboration with Fashion house "The Limited" and has been very vocal and proud to show-off her hard work, her designs and all it took to achieve this new line. 

Sources say the collection has been a long time coming. Eva adds that she also learnt how to sew when she younger and always wanted to design her own outfits.

The collection features a lot of power-knit frocks and dresses, jeans, office and out-wears and a lot of graphic t-shirts. When Interviewed by Yahoo Style, Eva said "I’m a big fan of this knit dress, and this is our power knit — you can feel it; it’s really just delicious. I have a lot of dresses and tops with peplum and also belts because I like the waist to come in. I’m a jeans and blazer girl, so we have some great jeans. I like to call the line “from work to wine” because you can wear it to work and wear it out if you layer it! I wear all of this, and we also have some overlay pieces, some outerwear that you can wear over this in the office and take it off whenever you want to go out. The collection has a lot of graphic tees that have a lot of fun slogans on them like, “Wine a little". We can also tell that Eva Loves her Wine lol. 

For the Launching of the collection, Eva donned a yellow sleeveless skater dress from the line, (it also comes in wine) which she paired with some nude ankle-cuff heels. So chic!

Eva is known to be a Petite woman (well she is) and we all know how hard it is to find clothes that fit
a certain unique figure (you could be petite or really tall or really curvy). When asked how she copes
with being petite, she said "Alter everything — it doesn’t cost a lot! Nothing off the rack can fit everybody, a lot of the time I see a woman look at a dress and they try it it on and they say it’s too long and then they don’t buy it. But I tell them, no, no, you can hem it. And it’s, by the way, not very expensive at your local dry cleaners. It doesn’t cost a lot to alter your clothes. I alter everything because I’m so short". 

Eva has a great sense of humor and that's what makes her such a charming personality. Also thats some food for thought to take away, nothing off-the-rack would fit you perfectly so alter it. There is absolutely no crime with altering/amending new outfits. A lot of people dont think new clothes should be amended, a thought that baffles me. You are perfect and the outfit isn't so girl! if it dont fit you the way you want it to, cut it! 

Eva was also very active in all the processes of creating her designs. We know a lot of celebrities who just put their name on designs and never do any background work or actually any work at all into creating designs they claim to be inspired by their personal fashion. I always want to see you being directly involved with the process not just nodding at everything designers idea and then going ahead to release a line based on other peoples ideas and passion. After all, we are fans of the celebrity and will eventually go out and purchase these items because we want to relate with their fashion or their style. It wouldn't hurt to see them work personally in creating the designs. 

Well, that wasn't the case with Eva, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Limited Brands LLC Diane Ellis, was asked about working with Eva she said "'Eva is astute with aspects of fit; she knows what’s complementary to the body". Her keen attention to detail and knowledge pertaining to product fit as well as involvement, made her insight very respected and valued all through the designs developmental stages. 

To kick start the launch of the collection, The Limited will release three to four limited-edition frocks
online every week until the complete collection is available on August 15. The line is expected to be available at 250 stores across the United States and online. (i'll be sure to give you a first-hand knowledge how you to can get it).

The complete collection would be out on the 15th of August but you can have a sneak peak at the designs here on The Limited

Credits; Getty Images for The Limited (visit The Limited at www.limited.com)
Eva Longoria Instagram (@evalongoria)

What do you think about Eva Longoria and her new collection? Lets hear your thoughts, feel free to leave them down below. 

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