It was indeed a big night for Iconic Fashion Brand "Fendi" as they celebrated their 90th Anniversary. Wow! what a milestone. Even though they fĂȘted their anniversary with an out of this world, fairy tale runway show, it was seeing Kendall Jenner grace the runway with all her sophistication, poise and beauty that took my breath away. Please read more after the cut.

I saw Kris Jenner tear-up earlier, while watching the Fendi show via Kim Kardashian's snapchat and i thought "Drama Queen". It wasn't till i saw pictures and watched a video of the Young Kendall Jenner, high and mighty on the Fendi Runway, i got chills and bumps (and i usually never get those). Fendi wowed its guest with the most remarkable show. Of course all the who's who in fashion and entertainment were in attendance. The shows grande and remarkable settings left everyone speechless and in awe. Rome's rehabilitated Trevi Fountain served as the back-drop with models like Kendall and Bella Hadid commanding the catwalk and as if that was not enough magic, the models walked on water! By walking on water, i mean the transparent runway was strategically designed to create that illusion that seemed like they were on water. wow! All this and seeing 20-year-old Kendall strut down the runway in all beauty, i had a magic moment.  

Kendall has cat-walked her way out of being one of the young sisters on her reality show "Keeping up with the Kardashians", to being one of the most popular models in the World. And perhaps, seeing her grow into such a beauty on the lime-light made me get emotional; she is my favorite of her sisters. Kendall's outfits were delectable and fit for her supermodel status. My personal favorite was the blue embellished structured coat by the brands creative designer Karl Lagerfield.

Just like i was blown away by Fendi's Luxurious and extravagant show, everyone else was. The media cant stop buzzing. The brand shut down the Trevi Fountain and all of Rome, brought all of Fashion's editors and influencers from Paris to Rome in a private jet and best of all erected that glass runway that created the walking on water illusion. The models sported high-end designs and dresses draped with petals an embellished with fur flowers and elaborate cityscape designs, draped in rich pelts, wearing colorful Victorian-style booties. With a 90-year milestone in the game, you can understand why the brand is legendary. I could go on and on about how blown-away i was, but i think ill'd just stop here and process it all while you enjoy pictures.

Kendall is the next biggest thing to dominate the Fashion Scene, and she is already on her way to Fashion Icon status and i am solidly rooting for her. Are you?

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