I assume that by now, all you fashion-forward ladies out there (or on here) know about Luxe Itaian brand Gedebe right? Well if you dont know about the high-street fashion brand, then its totally okay...Why else i'm i here if not to keep you abreast with the world of fashion around you. Also, other than the fact that i want to shine some light on the brand today, you should know that i have a mild obsession for the brand and i think after reading this post, you might too. So get right to it and find out all you need to know about Gedebe. 

I always say in my head, "If Cinderella was born in the 2000's, this is what her shoes would look like"- Ivy Marshall 

The Gedebe Fashion Brand, is an Italian Brand that was born on April of 2010 to Naples born designer Giuseppe Della Badia. Giuseppe studied Law and graduated from Law School, but decided to stick to his passion for fashion and craftsmanship (thank God). He developed a talented in the embroidering of stones and crystals where he mixed texture, fabrics and colours in a clever way. So clever it lead to the birth of his own line at the young age of 28, of course, after successfully working and gaining experience working in Haute Couture. He first started off by making creatively embroided bracelets and now the brand has under its belt, a line of sophisticated Shoes and Bags. 

Personally, If there is one thing i love about the Gedebe Brand, it would be the uniqueness of its craftsmanship. Every single piece of the brand can be immediately identified on sight for its stand-out look. From the crystal stones to the stud embellishments and exotic leathers with their luxurious embroidery, the Gedebe designs are truly one-of -a-kind. Check out more from their latest collection below. 

When the talented designer was interviewed by Vogue Magazine, he shared some pretty strong words that made me admire his work even more (remember i said i am mildly obsessed) he said “Through the years I have always worked hard to create a story to tell, rather than to expose myself. I want my work to do the talking” – Giuseppe Della Badia.  His talent and unique brand has been doing the talking quiet alright. He accelerated his pace and began rapidly selling his creations and was determined  to be part of the Massimo Bonini showroom; a worldwide company in the wholesaling of luxury shoes and accessories. Of course he landed the partnership with the showroom and it was that relationship that helped him get Gedebe into over 200 boutiques worldwide.

When i mean Worldwide, Africa isn't left out. One of the reasons i am so un-apologetically African would be for the fact that we Africans love good looking things!!! Not to mention have a unique sense of approach to our fashion and everyday style. We are less bothered about a design being Couture and more bothered about it looking timeless and standing-out as unique creations. If its classy we are all here for it and if not, well i wont be here writing over a 100 words for something that wasn't drop-dead-amazing. The Gedebe Pieces are available to shop online, you can click here to get them via Farfetch. The Gedebe pieces are sold exclusively in Nigeria at the Polo Avenue (@poloavenue) and in South Africa, they are available here at Foneix. I cant wait for a time when all brands realized they have to come to Africa because there is a place in the continent for all things fashion and beauty. A big place that i hope to occupy soon. 

 Trust African ladies to already be inline with some fashion-forward designs from the brand. Nigerian Songstress Tiwa Savage was spotted rocking her mini clutch bag anchored by some heels all from the brand. 

 Nigerian socialite Fifi Dilly posed for the gram alongside her friend, showing off their purses from the brand. So chic!

Nigerian Ex beauty-Queen Omawumi Akinifesi rocked a white polka dot silver embellished court shoe and clutch to match from the Brand. My fav!

South African Tv Personality/Red Carpet Queen Bonang rocked a small green clutch purse from the brand which she paired with her all green ensemble at the just concluded BET Awards.

The Gedebe pieces are so amazing and every woman needs a little crystals and some sparkle in her life. Normally, i am not really a fan of very shinny/embellished things, i'd rather just be casual chic and stay back here (behind my computer) but the sight of these pieces just put a lot in my head and honestly, all i would rather step-out, out-shining everyone with my sparkling shoes than stay in doors and not walk in style. What do you think about this Italian Line are you Impressed or are you in love!? Would you be considering the splurge anytime soon? Let's hear your thoughts. In the main time...

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Ivy Marshall