By the post title, you are probably wondering "what have they come up with again"?!!! With all the ridiculousness we see going-on on Instagram; fruit contouring, lip-plumping, face-shaving. No one really wants to give two cents about any new makeup/beauty trend. Honestly, i am so fed up of all the new trends i see this days, because most of them make absolutely no sense. Still, it is my duty to put them out there, those of you who like to walk on the wild and dramatic side may find them useful. Ironically, i think i appreciate today's beauty trend. If you want to find out why, read more...

In the world of Make up and beauty today, creativity is always welcome. After all, creativity has been the sole reason for the evolution of the world of beauty. Thanks to creativity, women can have lipsticks on for more than 12 hours without being worried about a crack or a stain. Ladies dont have to go under the knife to get a smaller or slender pointed nose. A little dark-shade powder and an appropriate brush and viola, you go from Jay-z to Paris Hilton kinda nose in the stroke of a brush. The list of beneficial things make up today can do, goes on and on. 

And then, its all fun and praises until some tries to get over creative. Today, you go on the social media scenes and you see the supposed beauty guru's whom we all look up to for beauty tips doing the abnormal, all in a quest for beauty and flawlessness. We might be here to talk about the new beauty trend which is "glitter brows" but i just felt like i needed to drive home a point which is; before you jump on any new beauty trend, just make sure it suits you and doesn't make you look silly or like a ridiculous looking clown (no offense i like clowns) or uncomfortable and out of place. Now to the beauty trend. 

When i first saw the glitter brows, i knew the beauty trend wasn't going to make it past a day. No one would deliberately waalk around with shinny brows or looking like a circus clown. I am a huge fan of glitter and i approve of a little glitter explosion, but just like the glitter hair and beards, this move was a fail. Most times, our make up guru's especially the ones on YouTube, shoot this video's for creativity purposes. They dont expect you to walk around the streets with their over-the-top beauty looks, always have that in mind. For a costume party or a photo/video shoot, this would probably get you the attention you need not for everyday living. So shimmer carefully. 

 If you were following carefully, you must have read me saying "ironically, i have come to like this beauty trend"... Of course not the ones you have been seeing above, i would never leave my house looking like that and i dont advice you ladies to. I recently noticed some of my favorite Nigerian beauty guru's have also adopted the glitter brow make up thing (it is an emerging thing trust me). By now, you should know i always showcase my favorite make up looks every week, so check back tomorrow when it goes up on the blog. Back to my beauty guru's, Banke of @banksbmpro and Osamu of @beautymatterz just redefined the glitter-brow application and i love it.

Instead of going full fairy dust on your brows, just a very little well blended amount of glitter can be used to make those brows shine. Of course you have to be very careful about your application. If done correctly, i think they dont look bad at all. I love how creative this ladies went with the subtle glitter brows. Still, i dont think it is an everyday wearable look but on special occasions, why not. A little glitter never hurt anyone.

This is such a pretty look. Even with bold colors, a little glitter would still work perfectly on the brows and not take the attention away from the lips.

Look out for this beauty trend, i have actually started spotting it around more than i did last week so it is still emerging. I approve of the subtle application of glitter to the brows and not the dramatic full glitter coverage. What do you think about this beauty trend, do you like it? Would you be sporting it or do you think it should be scrapped all together. Let's know your thoughts...

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