My beauty Crush for today is 24-year-old Miss Taria-ann Verburgt a Netherland-based fashion blogger who says "she'll rather die of passion than of boredom" nice right? That's the spirit. She is the beauty and brains who survives each day looking fancy while conquering the world in a stiletto and also she has an amazing success story behind that pretty smile. Keep reading and see more of her pictures after the cut.  

One of the perks of being on the internet and being a blogger is getting to see random people who you can go through their pictures without feeling like a stalker lol. Thank you social media. I bumped into Tiara's Instagram two weeks ago and thought "wow! she is so pretty" and then i moved on immediately unto other things. Fast-forward to last week, i was randomly reading fashion dets. and writing a post when i saw i got flung into my pintrest account and there she was again, this time under a fashion post captioned "black and killin it". I immediately remembered her face and  then saw she was a fashion blogger hmm Intresting. This days, everyone with nice clothes and a laptop and a camera is sp what does she have to offer...curiously, i went ahead to check out her blog Survivors on Stilletoes and i was so impressed. Not just by her beauty but by her passion and her survival spirit. Its great when you see young girls who are passionate about anything, be it fashion or beauty or arts and are making an effort to fulfill their dreams like i am too....its an encourageable thing. Taria is a beauty no doubt but there is more to her than just that pretty face and that why she is my Beauty Crush for the day! I am inspired by you girl.  Read her story below. 

  "The reason why I started a blog in the first place is because I missed something in my life, a hobby where I really could express myself when it came to my interests like photography, writing and fashion" - Taria

"I chose for the name Survivor On Stilettos because I know that every female in this whole world can relate to it. Go back to the feeling you had when you wore your first pair of stilettos, I bet you loved them so much but damn the pain that came with it? Even though it hurt so much we keep on surviving on them, even though it was killing us. Yes we’re crazy, but us girls we keep on surviving"

"The survivor part in my name has also a very personal side. Well almost my whole life I’ve been on a surviving mode because I don’t had a youth like other kids had, growing up in a foster home I constantly had to prepare myself for questions why I couldn’t grow up in my own home, everyday I was fighting the feeling wanting to be a ‘normal’ kid like everyone, even though I really loved my foster parents. Let’s say I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life but I always managed to fake a smile and worry about my outfit (with stilettos on from my fifteenth hehe)."

As my foster mum once said to me ‘no matter how broke you are or how messed up you feel, you always need to look good, you’ll always put your make-up and heels on'. Why?’ Well, because I think that’s who I am.

  Everything that has happened in my past made me who I am today. And why I started my blog. Because I want to show you that you can achieve anything you want no matter you’ve been through. Go fullfill your dreams, just like I do. It’s our destiny.


Can you beat that?! Such a pretty girl with pretty words. I'm truly inspired by her and i think she is extremely beautiful and with a spirit like that, the world isn't ready for her. Goodluck and see you up there! What do you guys think? 

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Ivy Marshall 

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