Meet my Beauty Crush for today, its none other than the fabulous Australian supermodel Mirada Kerr. Read more about why she is my crush for today and see more stunning pictures from her beautiful shoot for her 2016 Elle Magazine feature.

Other than the fact that she is such a flawless beauty...i mean look at face! I adore Miranda Kerr because she is a hard-working model and mum. She made her way into the lime light some years back by being a favorite on the Victoria Secret Runway. Yes she is an angel! Ranked by the Forbes Magazine as one of the highest paid models, Miranda is hard-working and that is an attitude i want all ladies to emulate. Hard work and dedication in any field you are, will get you places you cannot even comprehend. 

Born in Sydney, Australia to a family of four, Miranda states that she grew up grounded; riding motor bikes and horses in her grand-mother's farm. She said "there wasn't any pretentiousness and no one really cared what you were wearing. You could just be you".

Her family might have relocated to Wales but Miranda Kerr is still the very first Australian model to be signed to famous Lingerie giant establishment "Victoria Secret", replacing Giselle Bundchen (that should say a lot). Miranda is successful and hardworking and at the age of 33 she is as beautiful as when i first saw her modelling in 2007 (9 years already, time does fly!). She has walked on some of the famous catwalks and has branded some of the famous beauty and clothing lines like Clinique, H&M, David Jones et al. Miranda has come from riding horses to cat-walking her way to the bank with huge cheque books (what did beyonce say about the best revenge?!)

Rolling Stone, Hapers Baazar, Elle, Marie Claire you name it, this are just some of the Big Magazine's this beauty has graced. Her greatest achievement yet would be her son, which she had in January of 2011 after which she was back on the runway for the Balenciaga's fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection as part of Paris Fashion Week. Miranda is a mum, a model and a mogul in her own terms, what's not to love about this beauty.  

Its great to celebrate people for their achievements and not just because they are pretty faces. Most people say its easy to celebrate successful people and not up-coming people, i say successful people are people who dont quit when they are coming up and dont wait for praises while heading to their destination. Be Inspired not just by Miranda Kerr's beauty but by her hard-work and her achievements. Trust me no one cares how un-pretty you are when you are successful. 

Credits; Elle Magazine, Wikipedia, Miranda Kerr (official website) 

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Ivy Marshall