Ej Johnson as we know him, is undeniably one of the fiercest fashionista's of his time. Son of one of America's most beloved citizens, 24-year-old Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jr. hit the fashion scenes with his bold and out-going style and has since continued to stay relevant and reinvent himself by staying up-to-date with current trends and an enviable blog worthy closet. Unlike many other fashionable people we get to see blossom, this fierce lad has always been fabulous so this is more like the RE-FORMATION of Ej Johnson's style so sit down and take a cue.

Ej Johnson literally rose to fame and stardom on his own terms by being bold, fierce and fabulous. These days, we see him hitting red carpets, gracing tons of A-list Hollywood parties and events, and rubbing shoulders with the who's and who's of Hollywood. Well, why wouldn't he, he is literally one of the "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills". So rich it landed him a TV Show on E! Network.

4 season's later, Ej continues to dominate the silver screen and strut the fashion lanes like his personal runway. Anyway, before EJ became that slim and sizzling bronzy beauty with the perfect eye brows you see up there, he was the very chubby but overly bold fashionista we watched hit the screens like a force. 

I remember seeing EJ for the first time and thinking why the hell is he so angry and why does he want to beat everyone up. His fierceness was overwhelming lol Now, being familiar with Ej you would understand he has plenty of personality and likes to express himself a lot vocally. Being overweight didn't stop him from putting on whatever he wanted to wear and saying whatever he wanted to say, an attitude i think a lot of people can adopt. Confidence and style go hand in hand. You have to feel great about your self from the inside in order for it to reflect on the outside. Being demure never helped anyone achieve anything in life. 

Another great lesson to be learned from EJ style reformation, is to always accept yourself for who you really are. No one ever made it up the hill walking in someone else shoes. If you dont love yourself enough to be true to yourself no one else would and same goes with respect. 

In August 2014, Ej took things to the next level by under-going a gastric sleeve surgery where he lost 100 pounds. If you thought Ej was fierce before, wait till you see him now. He bleeds of sass! What better way to show off his love for fashion than being 180 pounds lighter. After his surgery, Ej went on to loose an extra 80 pounds by maintaining a healthy diet and actively exercising now he is strutting the streets like his personal runway with the sexiest and fiercest ensembles. There is no going back from this point. When asked about his weight-loss, he said 'I'm just maintaining at this point. I stay on my work out program I'm very into Pilates I do it four or five times a week. I just eat right and just stay on track.'

Like every mega fashionista, Ej loves to splurge, Channel's, Birkin's in the most pricey designs are a few of the fashion Connoisseur's  wardrobe collections. When you are they son of the great basket ball legend Magic Johnson, breaking the bank shouldn't be a problem.

'I do not go out of my way to make statements or make waves or look crazy, I just love what speaks to be in terms of fashion.
'I love to express myself and I do that through clothes. Every day I'm a new person, I'm a new character and every day I figure out who I want to be as I step out of the house.'

I admire Ej because he is a confident man and he is definitely not afraid to walk in heels. I;m curious to see what the future holds for him and what else this ball of confidence has for us. Until then, take a good cue from Ej and find your style and wear it confidently. And also...

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Ivy Marshall